Northwestern Mutual Norwalk office

December Leaders

Lives Leaders

John 27.4, Warren 18.1, Anthony 11, Dikembe 11

Premium Leaders

Neil 63k, Warren 45k, Matt 40k

Under 5's

What a month! 55.45 lives!

Lives Leaders

Anthony and Dikembe - 11 lives each

Premium Leader

Neil - 63,144

Neil is also the Seiden Agency under 5 year developing advisor of the year "unofficially." He is ranked #1 in premium, #4 in new clients, and #8 in lives for the under 5's!

Office Production

Our office set the record for Lives last year with 722 (2 short years earlier, we finished at 370). This year we smashed that record with a huge month of 132.70 to end the year at 748.45. We have never before paid for 132.70 lives in a month but in the sleepy, wind down month of December, we finished STRONG! As in Norwalk Strong!

John led the Seiden Agency with 27.4 lives in the month of December and also qualified for the Lives Leader Summit with his "historic month." He finished the year with 102.31 lives to go along with 272k of premium.

Warren had a strong finish to the year to qualify for the New Client Bonus with a day to spare. By paying for 18.1 lives and gaining 7 new clients, he was the #2 overall Seiden Agency leader in new clients and lives. Fun Fact: Warren's right hand, Rich Fortier, drove to a client's medical yesterday at 4pm. Rich hustled back, submitted the medical, and got the case CA'd by the end of the day!

Matt Greene pulled in with a cool 41k of premium in December to finish the year #8 overall in the Seiden Agency with 456k of premium.

300 Lives was our under 5 year lives goal for the year. Through November, the office was at 248 lives, averaging 22.5 per month. We needed to do 52 lives in December in order to achieve this goal. With one day to go, we were at 299.95. I'd like to personally recognize the following under 5 representatives in our office who all contributed to us ending the year at 303.55 LIVESS

December Lives

Anthony DeLorenzo : 11

Dikembe Blackwell : 11

Aaron Dixon : 8

Neil Gronowetter : 7.5

Kim Oeding : 4.7

Will Jack : 3.5

Mike Reilly : 3

Desmond Anderson : 2.75

Fernando Valdegas : 2.5

Andre Dacruz : 1.5

Office Recognition

Congratulations Kat for becoming a Certified Coach in the Northwestern Mutual system! She is enrolled in getting her CLF designation, a designation only held by under 100 NM folks in the country!

Congratulations to Matt Greene and the other Seiden agency qualifiers who enjoyed the Forum experience out in Arizona last month. The objective of The Northwestern Mutual Forum is to motivate financial representatives to reach the highest level of productivity and excellence. Qualifiers represent the top segment of our industry leading field force. The Seiden agency qualifiers were :

  • Matthew E. Greene, CLU,ChFC
  • Louis S. Cannataro, CLU, ChFC, REBC, CASL
  • Jim DiNardo, CLU, ChFc, CFP, MSFS, RICP
  • Benjamin P. Feldman
  • David J, Hachey, CLU, ChFC, CLTC
  • Kevin Robert Luchetta, CFP, AEP
  • Michael S. Schwartz, CFP, AEP
  • Stephen Andrew Schwartz, CFP, AEP
  • Peter Tiboris, CLU, ChFC, CFP, MSFS, CAP
Scott had a heck of a weekend last weekend! He passed his Series 7 on his 1st try Friday and got engaged Saturday to his girlfriend Kayla on the ice at Rockefeller Center! Scott's parents and Kayla's parents were in attendance gazing down at the rink unbeknownst to her! Sunday night his Cowboys won too. Congratulations to the future Scott and Kayla Andreozzi!

Cultural Pot Luck

Potluck at the office on 12/6

Holiday Party

Everyone had a great time at the office holiday party on 12/15 at Bertucci's!
Anthony DeLorenzo at SantaCon
First surprise team holiday shopping bonanza and lunch this December
Can you guess which 6'4" male in the office has this many shoes in his closet?!

Fantasy Football

In fantasy news, The General (Craig) faces off against CB3 (Cliff Bray) in the Championship Norwalk Bowl game. We also have the Toilet Bowl that will feature Aaron Dixon vs. some other scrub team that frankly I forgot as it just doesn't matter...

Cliff's Recruiting Corner

Cliff's Note to Self

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.” – Bo Jackson

What has Cliff done this month?

I have had 4 intern accepts and 1 full time accept this month.

My numbers month to date for full time are 21 initials kept with 4 in-depths

"I would like to make a warm welcome to our 2 new full time guys Sam Grosso and Jason Correia who are finishing up fast track down in the city. I'm happy to have these guys on board and part of the team."

Quote Of The Month

“The more you acknowledge your past successes, the more confident you become in taking on and successfully accomplishing new ones” – Jack Canfield.

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