Is gymnastics one of the most risky sport in America? Chloe Schiener

"I had to face a lot of coming through this journey, a lot of sacrifices, difficulties, challenges, and injures." Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas complains.

For many years there has been controversy on what the hardest sport out there is. Wether it's baseball or cheerleading, gymnastics is definitely an exhausting activity. Not only can it affect your acedimic goals, it can bring your grades down due to the lack of free time for homework (Even when you do have free time your probably sleeping because 18 hours a week is approximately the practice time for a average competitive gymnast.) Don't even get started on your physical apperence! Your hands could possibly look like that of a gorilla's due to the uneven bars, you might have bruises from falling off the beam as well. Difficult is the word that describes this sport due to high sky flipping and breathtaking stunts. Following those tricks are injuries, in gymnastics you are highly prone to sprain or even break a bone or two. Leading up to those injuries are possibly doctor bills, on top of your gymnastics payments! The equipment and excess fees include leotards, grips (for the uneven bars), coaches and competition fees, team accessories, and traveling bills that all add up to a large amount of cash.

Some might argue that gymnastics isn't risky at all, people might think this because not all gymnasts practice 18 hours a week, some could possibly only practice 4. Also not all gymnasts are competitive, recreational gymnastics is only 1-2 hours a week, and a great option for a beginner, but sacrifices do go along with gymnastics. Practice might take the time of social events such as parties with your friends and school dances. Also making it to the Olimimpics is a very small chance.

In conclusion gymnastics is a very painful and risky sport that thrives for determination. If you've ever seen Simone Biles or Gabby Douglas perform, they have all gone through sacrifices and injures. They all look back and are proud of what they have achieved. You must set goals and reach them in gymnastics, nothing is better than patting yourself on the back knowing that you are a champion and have reached for the stars. Blood, sweat and determination is the only miricake drink you need in this sport.

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