POLITICS - France declares that their country is a democratic, along with being a social republic. Just like the U.S, France's political system consists of a legislative, executive, and judicial branch. Their government also consists of the Prime Minister and ministers who make their government work. But these positions can be revoked by the national assembly.

ECONOMICS - Framce's economy is the sixth largest in the world. The unemployment rate is 10.5%. So France is more like middle class. Their minimum wage is 1,457.52euros a month. If you divide that by 3 checks a month, that is around 485euros everytime.

RELIGION - France is a catholic country. In the 16th century, France was one of the main powers in a continent where catholicism was. Most of France maintained being catholic, while many others went on to being protestantism. After the French Revolution in 1789, religion in france was brought under state control. Today in France, the catholic religion is now long gone.

SOCIAL STRUCTURE - Nearly 60 percent of people live in houses rather than apartments. In their daily life, the french enjoy a wide range of sports and recreational activities. Millions belong to sports clubs like soccer, tennis bowling, and basketball. The movie theatre is also very popular, And music concerts are very well attended throughout France.

INDUSTRY - Responsible for more than half of GDP, the government still dominates major sectors of the economy as a large shareholder in many public places. Various measures have resulted in a bad public finance. Besides recent efforts, the labor market remains rigid, undermining long-term productivity and employment growth.

ARTS/ENTERTAINMENT - France has many places you can go to sight see and take pictures at. The eiffel tower is the most popular place people go when they visit france. You can travel by the tour bus, and experience the French Capital and see iconic landmarks.

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