tele-gum go everywhere, anywhere, anytime. tele-gum

What is tele-gum

Tele-gum is different flavors of gum that you chew bring you to different places.

What are the different flavors

  • Blue Bizzle and Strawberry Snizzle- Tropical Island/ Beach
  • Peach Bedazzle- Red Carpet/ Celebrity area
  • Jazzy Raspberry- Broadway/ Hollywod
  • Rainbow-ristic- Takes you anywhere you desire

The price depends on the type of gum you buy

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make sure you get to the right place at the right time.

Target Audience

Our product is aimed to travelers, keep out of reach of children 12 and under

If you want Tele-gum please contact us at

1-800-255-GUM or you can go to

Every time you buy tele-gum an animal is adopted and cared for.

The possiblitys are endless


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