Elizabethan Theater By: molly williams

How many women actors did the company usually feature? Was Shakespeare an actor? What was the term used to refer to actors?

In the Elizabethan theater, during Shakespeare's time woman were banned from being on stage. Older men would portray woman and younger boys would dress up and play the roles of younger females( Woog 69 ). Not only was Shakespeare the writer of the plays, he has been said to have been an actor in, Every man in his humour ( Medici 38 ).

How were the seating arrangements for the audience? How did one get a good seat?

Privileged people were admitted through a special entrance. Those who could afford only this penny could stand during the show in the yard or the ground level area around the stage. Those people are called Groundings. They were rowdy and argued with each and the actors. Also, they did not care about personal cleanliness. If a little more money was paid, like an extra penny, these people could proceed further and a better area or bench to sit down. If more money was paid, 3 pennies, these people could sit in a private closed off area in the gallery. The more money you paid the better seats you can get(Woog 76-77).

What type of people were Shakespeare’s plays performed for? What would the audience do if they did not like a performance?

4.He would produce works that brought in the groundings, the middle class, and the nobility equally and made money while doing so, and we continue to do so into our own era(Medici 38). 5.If an audience member didn’t like a play, they might throw furniture and damage the theater (Burce 1).

What happened to the original Globe theater? Where did the timbers to build the second Globe come from?

The original Globe theater was burnt down on June 29 1613 during a presentation of a play about Henry VIII called All is True.A cannon was fired to dramatically announce the arrival of King Henry when the cannon barrel landed on the roof which then started to smolder(Allison Pg .68). Most of the timbers came from the pieces of timber that survived the fire(Allison Pg .70).


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