The sound of the North Fork BROUGHT TO YOU BY CLAUDIO's

From winery decks to theater stages, let these artists provide the soundtrack to your North Fork summer evenings

If back roads and rows of cornfields have you believing the North Fork music scene is all country covers in dim-lit honky-tonks, we’re happy to report it’s so much more than that.

Music has long been a part of the North Fork way of life and in recent years a slew of talented solo artists and bands have emerged with their own brands of soulful blues, folk Americana and good old-fashioned rock n’ roll played in unique settings.

These are artists who are often hired to perform in the background of local venues, but quickly become the center of attention.


Genre: Rock and roll, rhythm and blues and folk Americana

(Photo Credit: David Benthal)

Solo artist Julia King has built a solid following after performing on the North Fork for three years. A lyricist first and foremost, her style is defined by her words with original music that ranges from sultry to playful to dark and heartbreaking, depending on the emotions she conveys through each verse.

“My lyrics are definitely intimate in nature. They usually come from a place of inner contemplation on circumstances that either I have experienced or I have witnessed. I try and make the lyrics in my music relatable so people feel like there is someone else out there who feels the way they feel.” - Julia King

King recorded her first EP “The Morning After” in 2016, and has been steadily releasing singles leading up to her new album entitled, “Radio Therapy,” which is due out this year.

In her words: “I believe each song has its own style and personality and my job is to be true to that. Lyrics always fascinated me, and how songs had the power to affect your mood or be almost like therapy.”

Musical influences: Van Morrison, Smokey Robinson, Cher

See her this month:

Saturday, July 6 & 27 | Bridge Lane Tasting Room, 35 Cox Neck Rd, Mattituck

Sunday, July 7 | Clovis Point Vineyard & Winery, 1935 Route 25, Laurel

Monday, July 8 | Brix & Rye, 308A Main Street, Greenport

Tuesday, July 30 | The Tap Room at Corey Creek, 45470 Route 25, Southold

Visit juliakingmusic.com for additional show times and follow her on Instagram @juliakingmusic.


Genre: Alternative country, indie

(Photo Credit: David Benthal)

Husband and wife duo Geoff Schroeder and Laura Hoch began writing and performing their own brand of personal and poetic songs shortly after meeting on the North Fork in 2009. Characterized by warm vocals and deceptively simple folk melodies, Schroeder and Hoch combined their diverse musical backgrounds to form The Second Hands.

Schroeder, who pursued songwriting in Nashville, and Hoch, who attended Purchase College for music composition and toured Europe, Canada and the U.S. under the pseudonym John Courage and with the band Herman Dune, were an instant fit both musically and romantically.

“Vocal harmonies are a big part of what we do. Our voices seem to blend well together. When we perform, it’s usually just two guitars and us singing.” - Geoff Schroeder

They bonded over a shared admiration for the same musical artists and a respect for each other’s original songs. Schroeder and Hoch started out locally performing their songs at open mic nights and went on to record a soulful collection of songs both old and new for their 2011 self-titled debut album.

In their words: “We both like gritty, lyrically forward simple songs. Simplicity is something I think we embrace. Most times when a song is good, you can get that through to your audience with just a guitar and a singer’s voice.”

Musical influences: Male/female duos, such as Emmy Lou Harris and Gram Parsons and Gillian Welch and David Rawlings

See them this month:

Thursday, July 4 & Monday, July 15 | Brix and Rye, 308A Main Street, Greenport

For additional show times, visit thesecondhandsmusic.com


Genre: Blues-based rock, swing and rockabilly

(Photo Credit: David Benthal)

For more 30 years fronting the Lone Sharks, songwriter and guitarist Gene Casey has been performing from Montauk to Manhattan, accumulating a myriad of accolades along the way.

A local legend with a self-described “rough-hewn and honest” style, Casey helped develop the North Fork music scene before one existed and has developed a reputation for his fun, upbeat performances that bring the crowd to their feet for an evening of dancing.

“Live performance is very important. It will outlive all forms of recorded entertainment, whatever format is in vogue — and I have seen a bunch come and go. There is nothing like seeing an audience really shake it up. That is what this music was invented for.” - Gene Casey

Casey got his start in New York City in his 20s, before moving east and founding the Lone Sharks in 1988 as a side project that turned into a main gig. Since then, he has performed with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Wanda Jackson and other big named artists. He has also produced several CDs of self-penned songs, which reflect his own brand of classic rockabilly, country and western, and R&B. Casey’s music has also appeared in featured films and TV shows.

For their success in bringing rock and roll to the masses, their role as ambassadors and champions of the local music scene and their knack for making people get up and dance, Gene Casey and the Lone Sharks were named northforker’s 2016 People of the Year.

In his words: “For 20 years I lived on the South Fork… the North Fork was a mystery to us. It was like a whole other time zone up here and we played perhaps twice a year in Greenport or New Suffolk. Now, of course, it is home and I love it. Navigating both forks requires great patience and a good car.”

Musical influences: Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, T-Bone Walker, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash

See him this month:

Sunday, July 7 & 21 | Billy’s By The Bay, 2530 Manhanset Ave, Greenport

Sunday, July 28 | PORT Bar & Grill, 104 Third Street, Greenport

Visit genecasey.com for additional show times.


Genre: Americana/Indie folk

(Photo Credit: David Benthal)

Family band Points East — which is made up of brother/sister duo Brian and Heather Cummings and their dad Keith — developed its own brand of Americana meets Indie folk sound organically over the years. From casual jam sessions at family gatherings to widely seen performances at local vineyards, restaurants and festivals, the trio continues to gain recognition.

The entire family has been involved with music from a young age, whether formally playing in high school band or chorus, or picking up instruments and experimenting. Points East made its debut on the North Fork music scene in 2010 on a whim. While father and son Keith and Brian Cummings were casually playing guitars at a backyard barbecue, they were asked to perform at Billy’s by the Bay in Greenport, which earned them another show at Corey Creek Vineyards the following Tuesday.

Keith’s daughter, Heather Cummings, soon joined in, and the following summer Points East booked every weekend. The band performs originals and fresh takes on covers with a focus on vocals and harmony, reflective of the family’s love for singing with one another.

“The most fun can be when we take on a certain song and apply our own personality through our instruments, melody and harmonies. Music has always brought our family together; each person bringing their own talent, including the best clappers! The song immediately takes on a life of its own.” - Keith Cummings

The band is also frequently accompanied by Taylor Cummings and Steve Shaughnessy.

In their words: “Family is always a priority and music has helped us grow to become even closer over the years as the power of music tends to do. Our style has evolved as we grow together as musicians.”

Musical influences: Amos Lee, The Band, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac

See them this month:

Saturday, July 6 | Lenz Winery, 38355 Main Road, Peconic

Saturday, July 13 | The Chequit Inn, 23 Grand Ave, Shelter Island Heights

Thursday, July 18 | Bedell Cellars, 36225 Main Road, Cutchogue

Friday, July 26 | Greenport Harbor Brewery, 42155 Main Road, Peconic

For more show dates visit, pointseastmusic.com


Genre: Blues, rock, soul, folk and country

(Photo Credit: David Benthal)

Southold native Rob Europe has been playing guitar since he was 14, guided by local teacher Raymond Penney, who encouraged his unusually talented student to kindly mention his name when interviewed by guitar magazines. Though Rolling Stone has not yet come knocking, Europe has no doubt made his mark as a singer, songwriter and guitarist, since he began playing locally five years ago at the age of 23.

Europe said he didn’t get started on the North Fork music scene, but rather the North Fork music scene got him started. In his teens, other local bands and musicians who were established guided him, introducing him to a network of entertainers, venues and listeners. Europe started out playing the blues, for the most part, and has expanded his repertoire to include a balance of genres.

“My style is very much a rootsy one, I do soft solo acoustic stuff in one place and then you can see me elsewhere with a full band playing my electric entirely too loud. Anything in between is also possible, but the one constant is that I will more than likely be playing fingerstyle [plucking without a pick].” - Rob Europe

Europe is the great-grandson of influential Ragtime jazz composer and bandleader James Reese Europe.

In his words: “I try my best to treat music as a trade as opposed to an art and to me that means being able to entertain the range of people who live on or visit the North Fork as well as greater Long Island.”

Musical influences: Local guitarist, performer and teacher Raymond Penney, who died in 2012.

See him this month:

Thursday, July 4 | Porto Bello Restaurant, 1410 Manhanset Ave, Greenport

Saturday, July 13 | Greenhill Kitchen, 48 Front St., Greenport

Friday, July 19 | Legends, 835 First St., New Suffolk

Friday, July 26 | The Chequit, 23 Grand Ave, Shelter Island Heights

For additional show times, visit robeuropemusic.com

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