Internet Censorship in China Nick Wald


For years, China has been controlling what it's people can view on the internet, they have blocked countless foreign websites and apps. This means that chinese citizens are viewing biased news and they are hearing what the government wants them to hear. China is tightening it's grip on internet censorship and speech regulations. Chinese citizens have little to no internet freedom.

What does this mean for people in china?

This means that people in China can not view what people in other countries view, for example, the news. Just a few days ago, the New York Times app was taken down from the Apple App Store. This comes after China said the app was in violation of local regulations and an order to Apple was made saying the app had to be taken down. The NYT website had already been blocked for years but people could still see stories using the app. This is a perfect example of China making censorship on the internet more severe.

This map shows exactly what is going on in china. China has the lowes possible internet freedom score, 12

Back in november, china hosted the 3rd world internet conference, even though restrictions on Chinese internet are greater than ever. Both American and Chinese companies like Microsoft and IBM, and Alibaba and Tencent met to talk about the state of the internet.

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