Are You Ready to Run to the Races? Buzzfeed post summary

For my strategic communications class we were instructed to create a Buzzfeed post that had something to do with the Kentucky Derby Festival. I chose to write my post to inform locals and non-locals about the events leading up to Kentucky Derby. Buzzfeed is a GREAT social media outlet because this site is accessible to anyone. Another great quality about Buzzfeed is that I am able to write using my voice and personality, which makes it fun.

The key message: the different events you can attend leading up to the Kentucky Derby. A lot of the people that travel to Kentucky for this event as well locals may not know all the different events that are offered to attend and I wish to bring those to attention based on interests. With this post I wished to increase an interest in one of the most popular events that takes place in Louisville, Kentucky. Almost everyone has at least heard of the Kentucky Derby, but I wish to expand the knowledge as what there is to do while visiting for the week; it's more than just a celebration of a single horse race.

My target audience is pinpointed towards the age group of 21-27. I chose this age because there are so many events throughout the week of the Derby that is pushed heavily on the legal age to drink. Kentucky is known for their bourbon and their bourbon based famous drinks sold during the week at different events and even more specifically at the actual event (Oaks and Derby). This age also covers college students or newly graduated young adults who may not have much money or are able to financially splurge.

I promoted my Buzzfeed in two strategies: first, posted a user-friendly link on my Facebook and Twitter. This way my friends and followers are able to open it, read it and then repost it for their friends and followers to see. I think it is not only important for it to be shared over different media outlets but word-of-mouth is very important as well. This way, after they have read it the person can speak about it and spread the word through different channels to promote my post.

My second strategy: post the Buzzfeed post in relative time frames, repetition is key. The time frames being: whenever The Kentucky Derby Festival posts about an event then I snowball and post too. I wish to post also a month before the festivities because in all actuality that’s when people begin planning their own agendas and begin researching things to do. I also wish to post on all of my social medias, that way all of my targeted audience has the potential to read my published work.

I evaluated my success of my post through the Buzzfeed analytics, after having my post up for a little bit without posting to Facebook I had 0 views. After I posted the link to Facebook, within an hour I had 40 views and a comment. It amazes me how quickly something can be spread throughout the Internet through sharing a simple post. By posting the link to my Twitter and Facebook, I gained an insightful prediction as to how fast it travels through different social media accounts.

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