Pronunciation Differences By AaryaN menon

Imagine you are in an American school and you’re from England. Your teacher asked you to say some of the words you’re working on, you pick class, phone, and carpet, but when you say class you pronounce it differently and everybody starts laughing. “Why is everybody laughing?” You ask.

What Words are Pronounced Differently?

There are a lot of common words that are pronounced differently throughout the world. Some are, brochure, route, advertisement, controversy, apricot, vase.

Some words are pronounced completely different, so when two people are talking the other person might not even understand what he/she said. 25% of the world speaks English, 14% speak American and 11% speak British English.

The History of American and British English?

The history of American English in Colonial America was established as a result of British settlement of the Thirteen Colonies. When the British settled there they passed the language on to the Americans.

The history of British English is a West Germanic language that originated from the Anglo-Frisian dialects brought to Britain by Germanic settlers from various parts of what is now north-west Germany and the northern Netherlands. The British first learned English, then they passed it to the Americans, and since then the language has been changing. They invented more words as the days went on.

What Letters are Pronounced Differently?

The words that are pronounced differently are because of a letter. The letter is pronounced in a different way. The most common letter pronounced differently are A, R, T, and Z. In a lot of the words the A, R or T changes the pronunciation.

In American English, the T is dropped down. It almost sounds like a D, when it's between 2 vowels or when it's between an r and y. In British English, the A is pronounced aaaaa instead of aa.

Now that you know there are words that probably you pronounce differently in your everyday life, you might be more observant when others speak. What words do you pronounce differently? Do you speak American English or British English?


  • Controversy - Prolonged public disagreement or heated discussion
  • Germanic - People that lived in what is now called Germany
  • Anglo-Frisian - A type of dialect
  • Dialect - A particular form of language which is from a specific region
  • Brochure - Small book or magazine containing pictures and images about a product or service


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