Unit 6: natures neighberhoods by: Skylar trible

question one: How are living things connected?

How living things are connected is by the the food chain or food web because if a species of plants die for example grass, the rest of the animals in the food chain or food web die. Also because then the animals who eat the plants there wont be enough for them so they die then for the predators they have no prey to eat so they starve to death. So then there are no animals and the world pretty much ends. Because the humans will have no meat or plants to eat so they starve then there are no living things on earth. (pg 326 and thoughts of Skylar)

a forest food web

question two: What happens if there is a change in the ecosystem or something gets removed from the food chain?

If there is a change in the ecosystem for example something happens like if an organism invades another habitat because their home was destroyed the animals in that habitat originally they can be very crowded in their habitat and they might get less food because the invaders will eat their food too and then 2x more animals that are eating that same food so then some animals might starve because there is not enough food for them all. And if something gets removed from the food chain the rest of the animals will starve to death. For example deer run out of water holes so then they die. And that makes no more prey for the predators so they die. It will basically make all the animals starve. This is also how living things are connected, the food chain. (pg 342)


This is an invaded habitat.

destroyed habitats causes animals to move to another place.

if the grass seed was taken away the mouse would have nothing to eat. Then soon neither would the owl.

The End and thank you for reading.

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