Mohandas Gandhi By colby degraeve

Gandhi was the leader of India's independence movement. He used methods such as passive resistance and civil disobedience.
India was known as "the jewel in the crown" in the British empire. It was called this because of the natural resources the country contained.
An example of Gandhi's methods was the salt march. In south Africa he burned passes to protest the pass laws.
Gandhi also made his own clothing and suggested that the people of India to do the same. Gandhi did this because it was to boycott buying clothing from Britain.
The people of India wanted independence because the British that were in India were a minority yet they still controlled the Indian majority also Indians had to carry passes and couldn't hold public office jobs.
India gained independence through Gandhi's use of passive resistance, non-violent protest and civil disobedience. This showed Great Britain that 500,000 British people could not rule an entire country of Indians.
After India gained independence the Muslim population were given their own country called Pakistan.
Overall Mohandas Gandhi was one of the greatest independence leaders of his time because of his methods and he inspired many more independence leaders like him.


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