Aquatic Recreation Make a splash!

Recreational Pool facilities across the country bring communities together for some fun in the water. Many community pools offer swimming lessons at all levels for all ages. They are also a popular place for play and for exercise. Most public pools are open year-round to offer their services to the community.

Community pools serve all ages

I am interested in aquatic recreation because I love swimming and I would love for others to enjoy the water as much as I do. In my childhood, I took swim lessons and participated in many activities put on by my local public pool. Those experiences have had a positive impact on my life and I know that’s true for many others.

As I continue to explore aquatic recreation, I hope to learn more about the qualifications and expectations for a position in a community pool. I am also curious about the accommodations for people with disabilities that are available at public pools.

I hope to be involved in aquatic recreation activities in the future. I’ll start by volunteering at a YMCA or a public pool. Aquatic activities for older adults and seniors sounds like a great idea, and it is also something I would like to explore in the future. I hope to use my gained knowledge to help people of all kinds to have a safe and fun experience in the water.

Find more information about local community pools at:

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