TEXT AS ART Pearl hong


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Final: Panda


for this text of art assignment. i choose to create is a panda, because it is a famous and unique piece that directly represent the symbol as china. My inspiration comes from the research i had done, this is challenging for me to use the text to redo the decoration. as the project goes on, there are couple things quite difficult, i found out some of the fonts does not match the one i been drawn before, so i had tries constructed different fonts that fit the most to flatten each of the parts to build whole image. this project developed my organization skill and management skill, it also improves my design and Imagination to be more creative.


Created with images by MellaViews - "winter tree sky" • kl.fitness - "pandas" • hkase - "cat" • strogoscope - "Cat" • Gic - "squirrel rodent animal" • JamesDeMers - "prairie dog cynomys burrowing rodent" • davidshort - "Wood mouse (BG)" • hellethom - "air chair"

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