Lia's Progress Digital media

Humans of Lab

Find someone to interview. Use Snapseed to edit them and use filters and put in the text. For this project I learned how to apply filters in moderation to make them just add them to make it more crisp.

Learning to use superimpose

Take multiple images and layer them. Create something new. Edit them first in snapseed and then take them into superimpose. I learned how to use a masking tool and how to change the opacity.

Drawn on images

Find an image. And draw, make it something new. I used artset for this project

Book Trailer

Use iMovie to create a trailer for a book. I started out with all black and white photos, but I realized that after a point there should be elements of color so I took some photos and layered another image over them to add elements of color.

Over the experience I found that I really like this way of creating art. I learned that this is a way that I like to express my ideas (through digital images)

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