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My first solo journey abroad begins here, flying from Newark, New Jersey to Barcelona, Spain. I was so nervous to be going abroad alone, but I was excited for the adventure to come!
My first weekend in Spain was spent at the beach! A major culture shock came here when I learned that a lot of women did not wear any sort of bathing suit top. Although I may have been horrified, I accepted that this was just one of the differences that I would need to learn to accept while I was in Spain. One of the highlights of the weekend was at the beach, I got a fish pedicure with my host mom! It was the strangest feeling my feet have ever experienced.
The next part of my weekend was spent going to the candle lighting ceremony in my village, Folgueroles. This was the night I was introduced to all Berta's friends from school. I could not imagine what my trip would have been like if I had not met them.
There were candles everywhere at the ceremony. One thing about the ceremony that surprised me was the fact that they trusted everyone with fire. The little kids were running around with burning candles. In the third picture, the word spelled out with the candles is Tricen. I translated it from Catalan to English and it means Tricia, and to this day I am still confused.
My next moment of culture shock occurred when I found out that it is a staple to have a dried pig leg in your kitchen.
Many of my days in Spain were spent hanging out at the pool with my friends! The pool was a very popular spot in the village!
My first trip into Barcelona with Berta! We went on a bus tour and visited many popular tourist attractions!
A piece of home in a Barcelona shopping mall.
We participated in a mud race! It was so gross but I had a good time.
Berta and I at her cousin's baptism.
We went to see a popular Catalan band, Txarango in Vic! Although I did not understand a word of the music, it was a very fun experience. The craziest part of the night was when people ran through the crowds with small fireworks as a part of the show. I was terrified, but my friends told me this happens at most outdoor concerts.
I tried to introduce my Spanish friends to an American Classic: s'mores. Out of all of my friends, Bruna (in pink) was the only one that enjoyed the treat!
The next trip we took into Barcelona was to visit the famous church Sagrada Familia. It was by far the most beautiful church I have seen. The church has not been completed and it is scheduled to be finished in 2026.
One of the biggest struggles I have when going abroad is that my name is almost impossible for foreigners to understand. After ordering the drink that says my name is "Brock", most of my friends thought that was my name for the first half of my stay. This was until I asked them how
My BSF (BestSpanishFriend) Aina, and I in Sant JuliĆ  de Vilatora at a summer celebration.
People ran around the street with fireworks for special occasions and celebrations quite often.
These photos are from the night we watched fireworks from Maria's balcony.
Bruna, Isaac and I bull riding at a amusement park.
Twice a year in Spain, Carnival is celebrated. Carnival is a celebration filled with young adults dressed up in costume. This was one of my last weekends in Spain; my friends and I dressed up as Hawaiians and hula girls.
A quick trip to Andorra! (a small country in between Spain and France)
This is an embarrassing selfie of everyone at my surprise going away party.
Aina and I after my surprise party! We were trying so hard not to cry.
Some of my favorite foods I ate in Spain!
My stash of Kinder chocolate to take back home!

As my stay in Spain comes to an end, I am forever grateful to have been able to stay here in this beautiful country for over a month. I have met so many amazing people, but most importantly my Spanish family (and my BestSpanishFriend). Thank you for letting me come into your home and allowing me experience so much here in Spain. The trips to Barcelona, Andorra and even France for a half an hour, made me so happy. It was just incredible to experience and see parts of the world I had only dreamed of. I can't say anything but thank you! Also, a quick shout out to Greg and Kathleen, my lovely parents for letting me go here. I have missed you guys so much and can not wait to see you Wednesday! I will miss you all so much, but its not goodbye! I'll see you later! -July 28th, 2014

August 2, 2014. The day I had to go back home to Rhode Island. In all honesty, I have never cried so much in my life. I was so sad to be going home and leaving the amazing life I had created for myself in Spain.
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