NBMS GT winter 2019 Newsletter

Mid-Year GT Evaluations Sent Home Last Week - ASK for THEM - We Value Your Input

7th GT Preparing for STEM-O-RAMA Competition on March 26

7th graders will be competing with GT teams from ORMS on March 26 in our first ever STEM-O-RAMA challenge. The teams will compete in 4 different STEM stations to demonstrate their skills and teamwork abilities. Stations will include Lego Building, 3D Printing with Science, Lego Robotics, and DI Instant Challenges. Medals will be awarded to the top 3 teams in each division, as well as an overall teamwork award!

Thank you to our recent guest presenters, Mr. Braun, Mr. Sargent and Mrs. Shipman for your help introducing our 7th graders to these new STEM skills! We appreciate your time and effort.

Mr. Braun, NBISD curriculum specialist, has been teaching 7th GT students about 3D creations and printing in the Tinkercad app. Students will be provided a science task to design and create using the app and will earn bonus points if they can reflect in VR! Students are having fun demonstrating some truly remarkable creativity and talent. We are expecting great things at the competition!
Mr. Sargent, NBISD Board Member and NBMS Robotics Coach, has been sharing his expertise in the engineering and technical fields with our students and teachers as they learn to utilize our Lego robots. Students will navigate the robots through a specified course and attempt a variety of tasks that they will be scored on as they manipulate the course. Spending lots of time dodging robots in the library:) FUN!
Mrs. Shipman, NBMS AP, shared her expertise as a former DI judge and coach with 7th graders. Her knowledge is helping to provide students with valuable skills to perform a variety of challenges using creative problem solving! These are challenges where time management is huge and working as a team is critical.

GT T-Shirt Order Forms Will Be Coming Home Soon

All GT students are encouraged to purchase a shirt to wear with pride! It helps identify our kiddos on field trip days, but also helps bond us as a group. This year, students were given the opportunity to design and submit their own designs. Students will vote on a winner from the top 3 finalists. Thanks to all the students who participated for your creative and unique ideas. So many talented kiddos!

8th GRADE GT Gets Creative

8th Grade GT has been focusing on their creative abilities. In one of our most exciting activities, students were given an abstract painting. They had to free write a story to go along with the painting or an explanation for it. Students also did a "Pass The Story" writing and had a blast with it! One person started writing the story. After 3 minutes, students stopped mid-sentence and passed the story. The next person had to read and continue. The stories came out awesome! (Submitted by Mrs. Brown)
8th grade GT is exploring what they are enthusiastic about! Going old school and designing a vinyl album cover and record about their life interests! They are creating unique song lists that reflect these areas of interest in their lives. Share some of your favorite bands and albums with them. It's a great way to explore familial interests. Maybe they inherited your great taste!
The 8th Grade GT field trip date and location has changed! 8th graders will now be visiting Texas State University on April 26. This is a tentative date that could still be subject to change. Please stay tuned!

6th Grade GT

In 6th grade students have been working hard on their Shark Tank prototypes. In advisory they've been presenting their Company Name, Product, Purpose of Product, and Demonstration. They have some really great ideas! We'll have to see if we have any future entrepreneurs!
Just a reminder that Blake Haygood is our NBISD GT Instruction Specialist. He provides teachers, parents and students with a wealth of GT information in the district newsletter.

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