we raise great leaders when we can instruct, impart and intern ordinary students like we where with the foundation of Christ to go in all spheres of life and bring change. (2 Tim 2:2)

the girls i am discipling on UNAM main campus. they are full of life. when i hear their heart desires i leap for joy.
we have mission week every month, where the week is dedicated to going out and sharing the gospel. we (Rauna and I) had a great time on Khomasdal campus reaching out to these students. hearing their views of God and life was informative. when relationships are build discipleship happens. God loves every student and wants them to encounter his love.
these is the team i work with on the daily basis that are in full time vocational ministry right now. a bunch of faith filled ladies, ready and willing to go the extra mile with you for the sake of the expansion of God's kingdom.
I officially have a honors degree. this was a great day, I can look back and see God's faithfulness in my studies.

Thank you for giving faithfully in prayer and finance towards the mission to see the lives of young people transformed by their relationship with Christ. I know at times it is not that easy for me to wake up and face rejection from the students, how ever knowing they are people who believe in me and the work i do, I am encouraged to face every obstacle.

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Aune Kativa

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