Kandee B

Life is short live, love and stay humble!

I have always been very confidant about my self and have never really taking into effect of what others have had to say. Some say I'm conceited. I say i just know there is something more than 'now'. I have however, always tried to be a humble person. Who looks out for other people and there feeling but it seems as though its rarely received. Some people can be used and hurt so many times that what they take from it is that they shouldn't be nice or help other. In other words they feel as though they have to be a "scrooge'. Which never makes for healthy happy living. No matter what your religion is there is a strong belief there is someone bigger then 'us'. That there is a reason and a purpose of what we call life. So out of all the hurt one may consume in a lifetime how do you move on and not feel.. shafted? Its all about you come back and not what happen that is how you have to look at various situations. Yes your spouse might have left you but what can you take from that? They weren't for you and now you have the time to get your self ready for the person that is. You lost your job is life over? No, you simple must figure out anther way to be and do better. I tell my teen-age daughter all the time "excuses never fix the problem but solutions to the problem eliminate excuses'.

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