Flamethrower Created by Joel Benes

The flamethrower, the weapon that brought terror to many British and French soldiers. German troops first used it in the first world war. They used it from 1914-1915. This weapon was used to spread fire by burning fuel. This gun traced back all the way until about 500 B.C. This was a major cause of many deaths.

The smaller, lighter Flammenwerfer (another name for the flamethrower) was designed for portable use, carried by a single man. Using pressurized air and carbon dioxide or nitrogen it belched forth a stream of burning oil for as much as 18 meters (54 feet).

Since the Germans used the first flamethrower in the first world war, the British and French soldiers did not know what to do. It intimidated them a lot and got the soldiers very scared. It caused accidents such as killing allies, teammates, and even wildfires.

After WW1, the next World War was coming up. Adolf Hitler caused the second world war because he wanted the expand the territory of Germany. The flamethrower was still being used. The Americans (after being brought into WW2 by Pearl Harbor) used the flamethrower for many reasons. One major one was to shoot the fire into caves to kill/scare out Japanese people. Other reasons were to intimidate people by shooting fire at them.

Modern flamethrowers were first used during the trench warfare conditions of World War I; their use greatly increased in World War II. They can be vehicle mounted, as on a tank, or man-portable. German Brennkommando (Burning Detachment) destroying Warsaw during the planned destruction of the city.

Today, the flamethrower is still active. It is legal to own one (just like any other weapon) in Nebraska. Right now, if you want to buy one, it will cost around $1,600 dollars.


Created with images by The U.S. Army - "www.Army.mil" • Capt' Gorgeous - "Fire Power" • WerbeFabrik - "flame fire heat"

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