Stunting Sofia

Sofia Berenfeld woke up on a Tuesday morning with an important decision: she could either wear sweatpants or she could stunt.

“I put this on and I was like ‘you know what, we’re just gonna do it to ‘em’, and here I am,” Berenfeld said.

The Community High School senior’s outfit takes elements from her Halloween costume; the camo-patterned pants, which Berenfeld bought from Wet Seal, are ‘Kim Possible’ inspired, a cartoon character that fights crime while maintaining the day-to-day grind of a highschooler.

Berenfeld’s sweatshirt comes from Meijer which she regards as an affordable place to buy Champion clothing, a brand that usually carries expensive price tags. The shoes are the notorious Nike Air Force Ones, 12 million of which are sold every year according to Nike.


Sacha Verlon

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