Body Temple Creative blog #2: physical wellness/Art of Self-Care

“Your body is the harp of your soul and it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or confused sounds.” -Khalil Gibran

This quote comes to mind when I think of physical health and wellness. We can either walk forward with sweet music (good physical health) or confused sounds (ailments and illnesses).

If you were asked what comes to mind when you think about physical health, would you think of exercise, the foods you eat, how you sleep, etc.? What makes you feel physically well and what can you do improve your lifestyle so the risk of ailments is reduced?

When I think of physical wellness, I do not consider the initial act of exercising or eating healthy. Activities such as these become second nature to us when we change our lifestyles. Much like tying shoe laces, the act of moving your body and consuming healthy nutrients becomes a part of you. You no longer think about the need to exercise or eat right, you just do it. It takes training, time, and determination, but the body will adjust like a muscle that has memory when it becomes accustomed to certain routines. This can be experienced when you eat junk food after acclimating to something healthy. Your body will surely react. Therefore, I focus on how I feel and the results of my work.

I experience this mostly through recovery time or a day of stretching, which is usually comprised of a yoga session. This can last up to an hour and a half, which is ample time for me to focus on my mind and body. During this time, I can connect with my body and think about how hard I worked as I stretch each muscle and quiet my mind. Additionally, I can focus on my breath and allow oxygen to fill my system completely. The benefits I experience from this is better breathing during workouts, more oxygen, and a lowered risk of burning out too soon during exercise routines.

Below, I took a couple of photos to demonstrate the focus I have on physical health. I love photography and this gave me a chance to be creative with the results. Photography allows me to feel frozen in time when I am capturing a moment. Additionally, it allows me to truly 'see' beauty in something I would otherwise just pass by. It's as if the lens allows me to focus my own perceptions and be lost in that moment.

What helps you focus?

Getting my mind ready for a yoga session. The colors give the impression that my feet and legs have an aura.
Trying to perfect the three-legged downward dog pose. As I experimented with photo editing, the dots made my eyes perceive the image of myself as a strange pyramid statue.

If our bodies are our temples, should we not treat it as such? Think about your own physical wellness and how you connect with your body. Do you listen when it reacts to the environments it is exposed to?


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