EXPOSED retribution Judith Graves


Award-winning writer and screenwriter Judith Graves loves to write about tragic romance, werewolves, vampires, magic and all things a bit creepy. She lives in northern Alberta, and when she's not writing she works in a school library.

The time of this book is in the present time but it is in a unnamed place.

The book is about this girl her parents left her alone and this man named Diesel he took her in and a lot of other kids too. All the kids are in a drug ring or they steal to help Diesel make money. They steal cars break into houses and they even steal food sometimes. But to be able to work for him you have to be fast if you're not fast you can't work for him.

Main characters: Raven, Diesel, Supersize, Emmett Daniels, Jo

The theme when Raven does want to be in the ring anymore and she is try to leave but Diesel doesn't want her to leave and he kills supersize.

Raven gets Diesel busted by the cops and all the kids helped because they didn't like Diesel anymore because he was starting to be mean to them and they didn't like it so they got rid of him.

Quotes "To those afraid of heights but who still make the climb" in the book they climb a lot of buildings and high towers and most people don't like high places but Raven loves places like that. "What goes around comes around" at the end of the book raven does say this she is talking about how she got out and is going to stop people like Diesel from ruling over kids like her and the other kids that lived in the warehouse with Diesel.vocabulary

  • vocabulary
  • Perpetually: continuing or enduring forever; everlasting.
  • Siphoned: a projecting tubular part of some animals, especially certain mollusks, through which liquid enters or leaves the body.
  • Momentum: force or speed of movement; impetus, as of a physical object or course of events:
  • Protégé: the act of carrying; carriage.
  • Condescending: showing or implying a usually patronizing descent from dignity or superiority

This book was a very good book I really liked it. It always kept me reading to figure out what happens at the end. I would recommend it to some one that is into action and a lot of crime. this book is a action, love, and a very interesting book i think everyone should read it.


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