Years on Squad: Two

College: Attending Temple University, studying Middle Grades Math and Science Education.

My Life As Part Of The Squad

Highlight of Gameday: When the TIFO banner is revealed in the stands near the endzone for each NFC East rivalry game! Hearing chants such as "Beat Dallas" when the banner unfurls gets everyone even more pumped up!

Community Involvement: Helping students at Disston Elementary School paint a mural during the 20th Annual Eagles Playground Build.

Best Friends on the Squad: Alex and Ally. We met at dance school when we were kids and we have been friends ever since! Having all three of our names announced as Eagles Cheerleaders at the Final Audition Show was unbelievable!

Favorite Appearance: Military Day at Eagles Training Camp. I had the opportunity to personally thank servicemen and women for all of the sacrifices they make to ensure our freedoms as Americans. They are true heroes!

Fun Facts

Personal time: I enjoy going for bike rides with my dog "Bunnie." She fits perfectly inside my bike basket.

You May Not Know: Paddle boarding is my favorite way to exercise during the summer. It's a fun way to improve my strength and balance, and to get some sun at the same time!

Just Have To Share: I cheered for Temple's basketball team including in the NCAA Tournament. My favorite games to cheer for were those played against the rival "Big 5" Philly schools.

Let's Travel: I spend my summers at the Jersey Shore with my family. We love to go crabbing in the bay.

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