Volcanoes Katie Murphy

What is a Volcano?

Volcanoes are openings to earth's interior.

Volcanoes can look like large mountains or look like a little bump.

Volcanoes have hot magma that collects in the magma chamber. If the magma flows through the conduit up to a vent, it might cause an eruption.

This is a composite volcano
Volcanoes usually form in boundaries becuase the friction of the tectonic plates rubbing against eachother heats the magma beneath Earth's surface which causes the magma to liquefy. Volcanoes can also form on hot spots which is in the middle of a techtonics plates

Eruption Styles

Eruption style is important becuase of the different types of lava that come out of the volcano.

Composite volcanoes have very thick lava. The lava doesn't flow far, but that doesn't mean that no destruction can be caused. Theses volcanoes erupt violently shooting out rock peores and ash.

Shield volcanoes have wet runny lava that flows very far.


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