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My paintings of crows are an outgrowth of my interest in the beauty of the bird. The sleek, shiny black feathers, the proud strutting, the cautious watching, and the ubiquitous “caw caw” that we all hear, led me to begin feeding the birds and drawing them in various poses while they were near. I also came upon a beautiful poem, “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” by Wallace Stevens, that further inspired the paintings. The crow to me is a symbol of character, strength, and beauty. My hope is that after looking at the paintings, the viewer will view crows in a different way. Diane Voyentzie 203 775 4030 www.dianevoyentzie.com dvoyentzie@mac.com

(111) 34 x 27 Framed
(112) 19 x 25 Framed
(113) 17 x 21 unframed
(114) 19 x 25 Framed
(115) 17 x 21 unframed
(116) Triptych 20 x 48
(117) 27 x 34 wrapped canvas


Created By
Diane Voyentzie


Paintings and photographs of Crow Series by Diane Voyentzie

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