The Road To Nationals NC State Cheerleading

The Red and White from N.C. State!
And Here Comes The Wolfpack!
Still Reppin' it for North Carolina!


A Tradition of Excellence

Name: Adrienne (Earnhardt) Averette

Major: Communications w/ a minor in Health, Medicine, and Human Values

Cheered: Red Team, 2002-2006

Coaches: Harold Trammel (Head Coach), Annette Trammel, Sarah Freedman

Describe the mental and physical preparation that went into getting ready for NCA College Nationals:

To prepare for nationals, we would practice 5-6 times per week (4 days during the week and 1 to 2 times on the weekend) 6-9PM during work week, Saturday morning/Sunday afternoon. These would change depending on our improvement and how close we were to nationals. Spring break was always full of practices. We would cheer the ACC tournament and then practice in between. This was the same for the NCAA tournament. My junior year we made it to the sweet 16 and we took the entire team wherever we played so that we could practice on our down time. Preparing for nationals literally begin during the summer months and continued throughout the year, building on our skills and improving day by day. Hour upon hours of practice that all increased as we got closer to April. We had workouts once a week with Wright to help build strength. These mainly consisted of circuit training and a little running. Mentally, preparing for nationals was exhausting. Along with school work, studying, extra activities, etc. April couldn’t get to us fast enough. In the end, it was amazing when you stepped foot on that bandshell how all of the practices, workouts, and everything else was so worth it. There is not much in life that will give you the feeling of accomplishment like that.

What advice would you give the team as they get ready to travel down to Daytona:

As you prepare for nationals, I would say to take every day one at a time. I remember telling myself during full out routines, don’t think about what's coming next. Focus on each element of the routine, stick it, and move on. Strive to be your very best at each individual part you play in the routine and it will be amazing. You were chosen for each position by your coaches for a reason so take pride in that. When you take the stage for the last (or 2nd to last) whatever it may be, realize this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. How many girls and boys out there would love to be in your shoes and represent NC State. Take pride in that. There are so many people you have never even met that want you to do well and believe in you. Go get’em Pack!!

What makes being an NC State Cheerleader so special:

There's something about being an NC State cheerleader. This is a prestigious program you are a part of. I can’t tell you how many times, even to this day (10 years later) I still talk about cheering for the pack. People everywhere know about this program, the former coaches, the national championships. Wear that red with a lot of pride and confidence, you are part of an awesome program.

This season marks Harold's 16th Year coaching at NC State (Assistant Coach, 2000-2002. Head Coach, 2002-Present). Describe Harold as a Coach and what are some of your fondest memories cheering for him:

Congratulations Harold on 16 years of dedication, hard work, and love for this awesome program. I can’t even imagine the sacrifices you and Annette have made to make this program what it is today. I am so proud to say I cheered for you. My freshman year was your very first year coaching and wow how 16 years have flown by. Thank you for all that you have done to make the traditions continue. You are one of the great faces of the workpack and you should be so proud of yourself. Annette, thank you for what you have done with the program as well. You have sacrificed a lot at home I’m sure because of the time constraints the program holds. You have made each individual team member a better person because of your sweet personality and awesome attitude. You and Harold together make such a strong team and without you, it wouldn’t be complete. I really appreciate all that the two of you did for me during my time at NC State. I can’t imagine my life without y'all.

Kevin, Adrienne & little Miss Ella Grey! #LOVE
Soaring on the court and in the classroom.
This year a record 15 cheerleaders made the Dean’s List. Mikayla Raleigh with a perfect 4.0! #GoPack!
"Wear that red with a lot of pride and confidence, you are part of an awesome program."- Adrienne

Thank You Harold

Our Leader of The Pack.

"True story, Lisa James used to always say to us, 'Its good to be fun and it's fun to be good!' So we always strived to be GREAT!"- Jim Hill, '03

"Harold is a great coach and has been where you are many times before. You have done the work, now just show everyone what NC State Cheerleading is all about!"-James Batuyios, '01

"Cathy challenged my heart, my manhood and my ability. She pushed you way beyond what you thought your limits were, but she praised you for hitting and hugged you for hanging in there. Cathy knew what it took to WIN!"-Curtis Hamilton '88

"Annette was an emotional coach. She knew how to mold a team. We were never individuals on the floor, we were always ONE. And it was because of her that we were always successful. She challenged you to not only be a better cheerleader, but a better person. - Abbie Tucker, '15

"Ouida taught us you are only as good as your weakest link and TEAMWORK is always the best way!"-Robert Coleman, '96

"Own It... Not cocky, but confidence that's the NC STATE way! From the time you step on the floor, know that YOU are National Champions. You are prepared. You are focused. You are National Champions. IT IS YOURS!"-Curtis Hamilton

"North Carolina State's trademark has always been precision and execution." - Jeff Webb, CEO Varsity Brands

Team Titles: UCA '86 '90, '91. NCA '01 & Group Stunt: UCA 2016. #Stacked


Jackie Ayre (Stefano), '07

Alexander Powell, '11

Byron Green, '12

Angela Lynch, '04

Sheldron L. Fulcher, '13

"Beware, because the wolf on top of the hill is not as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill."
Our Hearts Forever Hold You. #RuthieTrammel.

North Carolina State University Cheerleading

A Tradition of Excellence!

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