Motte and bailey castle Heidi Robinson


William the conquered instructed his troops to go and build motte and bailey castles around some parts of the country. Soon he decided to invade England to show that they were boss. They built three ready made ,wooden,brown castles. Now it is thousands of years ago and there are still lots of motte and bailey castles around.


The grand people who orginally lived in a motte and bailey castle had to use things to defend the castle. They had a palisade which was a wall to make sure no bad gues will get in the castle.They also had a motte that is a big mountin of dirt it makes it harder for enimis to get to the castle.Another thing they had was a drawbridge that opened and closed it would close when enimis aproched so the enimis wouldn't be able to get inside the castle.The keep is the lookout at the top of the tower to make sure no-one will brake in the castle.The crenalations are also at the top of the tower they protect the knights when they are shooting.


The motte and bailey castles were origanaly made of wood but they changed it to stone because stone is a lot stronger than wood and wood was really easy to burn down and stone is a lot harder to burn down.The motte was built with lots of earth from the ground around them . The crenalations were built with really heavy stone.The moat is a huge ditch around the castle.The palisade is a wall made of wood that protects everyone especially the lord or king and queen . The gatehouse is like a miny tower but instaid of living in it the gatehouse they control the drawbridge.

Everyday life

Everyday life in a castle was full with jobs .There were master masons and stewards also brave knights that fought enemies away from the castle. The steward is the second in -charge of the castle when the king ,queen or lord is away. They have a steward to run the castle and make sure everything is going smoothly so no disasters happen while the grand people are away.While the lords and lady's would eat they would hire someone entertain them so they don't get board while they feast.


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