The End Of The Line By Isaac Guest 9u

The world is not as it one was, the world has gone to hell and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. The only thing that we can do now is to survive and fight for what we believe in. There are a lot of creatures out there and the only protection I have is a suit of power armor that I found in a military outpost. I can only hope that my daughter is OK. My mission is to find my daughter that is located somewhere around New York.

I have been traveling for days now and I haven't seen anyone, I haven't seen anyone since I lest the vault. No I can't go back there what would they do to me, they were all being driven insane by that weird doctor. Just thinking about it now makes me sick, if I had stayed any longer what might he have done with me. Stop, I need to stop thinking about that, the only thing that matters now is that I find Ivy and bring her back to me.

As I past building after building I saw some pretty horrible stuff. I saw houses half fallen down, I saw mutated animals like cows and dogs. I even saw something that looked like a robot that I had never seen before. It was almost human, it had on one side of its face skin and the other was metal and gears. I don't even know what to think anymore, all of the radiation is getting to my head, its been almost 45 years and the radiation still hasn't gone away.

This Is Our World Now

The world is way more messed up then I though it was, the noises, all of the noises that I used to hear are gone like people chatting, music and laughter, all of that gone now.

At that moment I header screams, maybe there were people so I went to investigate. The hall lead me down to the basement, the screams were getting louder and louder and I thought I could hear voices, maybe it was just all inside my head but I had to make sure that there were people down there. As i opened the door and horribly disfigured creature jumped right onto my power Armour. I stared punching and scratching my helmet, I didn't know what to do, before I could even think about what to do 10 more of the creatures came out of the basement. Some were missing legs, some were missing arms and most of them looked like they seem sort of zombies. I fought and I fought but they were all over me, they had torn apart one of my metal arms and I couldn't fight them all of. Then out of nowhere I header a huge explosion before I relisted it was the robot that I saw earlier. He was so quick, darting from one creature to the other. Before I knew it he was dragging me out of the building and helping me out of the power Armour suit.

The robot told me everything, he told me that the place was so deadly was because a power plant had exploded and radiation was spread every where, he told me that the vaults were created because lots of people thought something like this would happen and they made sure that they were ready for the future with the vaults. The problem with them was that a lot of them were used for science work and the people that were inside were being tested without them even knowing. That would explain what was happening in my vault. That also means that something could be happening to Ivy right now .

The robot was a huge help he had been programmed to help anyone that needed it. He told me where Ivy's vault was and I wasn't very far way.

I was so exited to see her, I could see the vault in the distance, it was getting closer every step I took, I could feel her in my arms, I could hear her voice in my ear.

But then like lighting everything changed, the ground started to shake, everything around me was dispersing, the vault was gone and so were the trees, all there was was nothing but white and silence. Then the silence was broken by a faint voice saying "Great job Mr Rogers this experiment will do wonders for the vault."


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