Dry Fruit By Henry fleetwood

It was an extremely sunny day hot enough to melt a house during the hottest summer in history, a village of fruits was struggling for survival on the kitchen counter of a billionaire's home.

In the village, there lived many fruits and veggies, but there was a very special fruit, specifically an orange by the name of Marty. Marty's best friend was a grapefruit named Winston.

They were the youngest fruits in the village and although thought they were pretty cool everyone frequently frowned upon them for being clumsy and scaredy cats.

It's been a rough couple days considering the fact that it's the hottest and biggest heat wave in the world. It's been 2 years since the temperature has been under 90 degrees and all of the fruits are starting to get very sick.

Many fruits are drying including Marty's mother. As soon as Marty heard the news that his mother was sick he called over Winston.

“What!?!? Are you crazy? How are we supposed to get to the other side of counter without falling to our death?” exclaimed Winston. Marty explained how nobody has ever gone to the other side of the counter and noted how they would be remembered as heroes forever.

Winston agreed but included that they needed to take Marty's mother to the hospital so the doctors can estimate how long she has before she is fully dried out. As soon as they arrived at the hospital the doc said she had 2 days. Marty thought “If I don't find the cure in 2 days my mom is going to be completely dried out!” He then set off to find the cure.

Marty's s mom has done so much for Marty in the past. For example, that one time that Marty almost rolled off the counter because he fell asleep while on a relaxing stroll. Luckily, Marty's mom was there to save him. Or, the time that he fell in the trash can and Marty's mom ordered the fire department to go and save him.

Marty feels it is important to help his mom because he thinks of how she helped him when he was growing up, and he feels that he can try to repay her.

After rolling for a couple hours, Marty and Winston approached the edge of the counter. It was a long way down and all there was standing between Marty and Winston getting to the other side was Pablo the French bulldog sleeping on the ground.

In order to get to the other side where the cure is they would have to use a big soup spoon as a catapult to launch them to the other side. Marty jumped up and knocked down the metal spoon awakening Pablo.

Pablo was barking like crazy and Marty and Winston were getting very scared. Marty got extremely nervous and didn't want to try to catapult himself to the other side, but he knew that his mother’s life depended on it. Marty pushed the spoon to the edge and got the nerve to hop on and attempt to get to the other side.

Winston jumped on the edge launching Marty high in the air. Pablo leaped in the sky getting a good chunk out of Marty. He plummeted down thinking it was over but just barely made it to the other side. He was in severe pain. Winston did the same and got over without a struggle. He quickly helped Marty get up and they saw the cure... it was a large tub of lotion.

They noticed dog treats and figured out a way to get home. After a quick travel back to the village thanks to Pablo, Marty and Winston brought the cure to the hospital to give it to Marty's mom.

The doctor applied the cure and Marty's moms orange skin became moist. She woke up and was so happy to see her son Marty become a true hero.

There was a lot of leftover lotion and still a lot of fruits and vegetables sick. They decided they would help the village out a bit...

A couple of days later the whole village was building a statue for Marty and Winston for their bravery and the village of fruits lived happily ever after.

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