Snow storm hits small town in Pa. By Pierce Hart '23

As our schools winter term comes to a exciting end, the weather has made the last week of virtual school more enjoyable. Living In a Small town like Mechanicsburg, Pa. comes with its challenges and being surprised with 12-18 inches of snow. Some of those challenges can range from only have two grocery stores, one church, and being the very last town to be plowed. Most of the locals have stayed inside due to COVID-19, the snow doesn't help.

The show starts to fall and barely lay on the ground. Photo by Pierce Hart '23
The snow begins to lay as the day goes on. Photo by Pierce Hart '23
Snow! Snow! Snow! Photo by Pierce Hart '23

From Black to White with a matter of horus. Photo by Pierce Hart '23

Snow begins to thicken and roads get worse. Photo by Pierce Hart '23
Just a touch of white on the sidewalk. Photo by Pierce Hart '23

Which snowman did you see first? Photo by Pierce Hart '23

A small clip from the morning after the winter storm, the roads are finally plowed. Video by Pierce Hart '23

The snow laying on the bushes. Photo by Pierce Hart '23