A Hop Step And Jump through History By: tyson moore

Archeozoic period This time period happened 5 billion to 2.5 billion years ago. The atmosphere didn't have much air in the atmosphere. The forms of life in the Archeozoic period were bacteria and algae. A event that happened was the earth was anoxic during this time period and most of the world was covered in water.
The paleozoic era began about 251 to 299 million years ago. Two main events were the Carboniferous and Permian.
The life was sea animals and land animals plants that were around were ferns conifers and ginkos.
The life was plants such as ferns and fern like trees, calamites, club mosses or lycopods such as lepidodidron and sigillaria, seed ferns, and cordaites, or primitive conifers.
The mesozoic era was roughly 225 MYA and lasted at least 180 MYA. The atmosphere the oxygen levels went down to 15%. The life was made up of mostly dinosaurs. One major event was the Jurassic period.
Jurassic Era
Cretaceous Era
Cenozoic Era This era happened about 65 MYA. The atmosphere during this era was tropical. The life was rodents, small horses, rhinoceroses, elephant, and towards the end dogs, cats, and pigs. The main events were Oligocene, Pliocene, and Holocene er.
Oligocene era
Pliocene era


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