The Gift of Clean Clothes Seriously, BEcause LAUNDRY DAY SUCKS.

Over a cup of coffee, my neighbor and I discussed the worst house chores. "Mopping!!", she exclaimed. How could she be SO wrong?! Scratch the record and stop to glare at this lady kind of wrong. Everyone knows the laundry is by far the most tedious job in your home.

The pile never ends

The pre-soaking, the hand buffing, the mildew smell left over once you forgot the last load, the shrinking, ARRRGGHHHH!!! The list goes on and on. Whether you like it or not, you have to wrestle with all these irritating steps just to have pants so the fuzz doesn’t arrest you on site of your nakedness. So let's make the chore all the more simple for our loved ones stuck with the dreaded task! Let's give our mom or husband or house cleaner a break this holiday season, give the gift of clean clothes!!

Today, I'll keep it simple and suggest one of my favorites: GE® 5.0 DOE cu. ft. Stainless Steel Capacity Washer. Don't know how much detergent to use? GE has Smart Dispense technology, making the right amount a no brainer. Don't have the time or patience of a saint to get the kid's stained school uniforms soaking? Auto Soak loosens the stains for you! Need to run errands? Wifi Connectivity on this washer let's you control your laundry from your phone or Amazon Alexa!

So let's face is: Laundry IS the worst. Do yourself/mom/boyfriend/babysitter a favor this year and replace your old outdated laundry pair... THEY DESERVE IT! And before you start to disagree, go check your laundry room to see if anything needs to be washed....because I bet you still have that to do :)

**Remember Gerhard's Appliance has 6 locations throughout the Philadelphia area for your holiday shopping convenience! AND our Black Friday pricing continues until December 3rd, be sure to check it out!

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