Coach V's Dream Cottage Creation By: Yair

First, I was inspired by some designs of houses. So I made a draft of the shape of the houses. I truly wanted to put inside crazy shapes such as triangles and circles, but because the triangles was a bit of problem because of the pythagorean theorem I had to use only circles.Then I added the units and and redrew the house in a scale! Below are the Bird view, front view and side view of the house.

Bird View Blueprint
Front view and Side view Blueprint

Next, I built the house on Tinkercad. It wasn't a very hard process since I had only to copy my blueprint on a 3D. Since I had extra time, I added the terrain and the trees to visualize how the house will look like when built.

Multiply sides View
Bird View
The front side view
The back side view
The right side view
The left side view

Next, I calculated the cost of the painting, shingling and heating during winter. For my house: the painting cost will be 120$, the heating per month cost 367.92$ per month and 551.88 for shingles. To calculate them, I calculated the important values such as the area of the floor and roof, the height, the area of the door and windows and the perimeter of the house.

The important calculations ( Adobe Spark can't load this picture properly, Thats why it is side way)
The Money Calculations ( Adobe Spark can't load this picture properly, Thats why it is side way)

Overall, this house is my final project. It is occupied 61.32 meters squared, with a volume of 245.28 meters cubed. The shingles will cost 551.88$ and the painting will cost 120$. The heating for the winter will cost 367.92$ per month. In conclusion, I think my house is in good size for a cottage even though it is almost twice smaller than the given area (100 meters squared). The total cost is 1039.80$

The final product

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