Soccer By nathan zimny


Soccer is a very fun sport. Before you play you have to learn many of the positions and all of the rules by listing to your coach. Another thing is to have fun and enjoy facing all the other teams.

How to play

There are many rules to play soccer. First you will be put into a position midfielder, goalie, outfielder, right fielder, or a right back. When the player gets there position they get but some where on the field the player will be with other players that are on your team. And other team will get the other half of of the field. When the coach throws in the ball and when the ball in the player will try to score on the other teams golie. If the player dose not make the ball in the goal that means the player missed the shot. Or the golie caught the ball when the player tried to kick the ball in the goal


There are a lot of soccer rules. You have to keep the ball within the lines of the field. You can not touch the ball with your hands. You can not trip other players. The point of the game is to get the ball in the soccer net of the other team. You can't push other players. You must be respectful to one and another, no name calling or bad words allowed.

Soccer positions

The game of soccer includes many different playing positions. One of the main position is the goal keeper. The goalie is the only player that can touch the ball with their hands when blocking the ball. They are only able to do this when they are in the lines of the goal box. The defenders help defend the goalie and work to keep the other team from scoring. Depending on the sectionof the field that the player is guarding determines the defenders positions name. One example of a defender position is a fullback, they defend down the side of the field.


Overall, soccer is a very popular sport and many people enjoy watching and playing this sport. When parents go to watch they have a good time because it is such an active sport. In conclusion this sport is for someone who wants to get physically fit and to be able to play a sport to have fun.

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