Should Harambe the gorilla have died? By jack Ingram

A global tradgedy struck the world when Harambe the gorilla was gone forever.

Harambe lived in Cincinnati Zoo until May 28, 2016 when he was shot. How this happened was a young boy climbed into his enclosure. He was obviously stressed as from the video he was dragging the boy through a river in his cage.

A large part of the population said that Harambe should have died because a childs life was in danger but I have reasons that squashes that opinion!

"At first it looked like Harambe was trying to help the boy he stood him up and pulled up his pants" claimed Kimberly Ann Perkins O'Connor who caught the incident on her phone. She also said that "the boy joked about going into Harambes cage to his mother, and seconds later there he was."

The zoo could have taken other precautions they could have lured harambe with food or told the crowd of people who were shouting and screaming at Harambe to leave the area to relax the mighty gorilla. Shooting an endangered species should Always be a last resort and some people just don't see that clearly. But there is another question that needs answers why was Harambe in a zoo in the first place???

Harambe sparked so much internet outrage that a global petition started and got 515,000 signatures that is how big this topic really is.

What I want you to do is beleive that Harambe shouldn't have died. The zoo was blind with their actions and should not have killed a very endangered species.

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