Milefield's Newsletter ISSUE 6: 25th January 2020

Welcome Back! We've had a great start to the Spring term. Pupils have come back after the Christmas break with positive attitudes to learning and have been working hard to achieve their best.

Milefield Primary School's Newsletter

I am pleased to inform you that the start of the Spring Term has been extremely successful. Pupils have returned ready to learn and with the positive attitudes and behaviour to succeed. Learning has been in full swing since the 6th January and pupils are eagerly embracing the opportunities and challenges this brings. I am very proud of our school and pupils and am really pleased with the positive start to the new year.

As I go on maternity leave, I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents/carers for your continued support and involvement in school life and your child’s learning. This really is invaluable and makes a real difference to children’s progress and achievement. As you may already be aware, in my absence, school have secured Mr I. Goddard to take on my role. Mr Goddard has been working in school since the start of term and will remain in post until I return in July. Mr Goddard is available most mornings on the school playground so please do not hesitate to introduce yourself or speak to him.

In my absence, the school leadership and safeguarding team will be as follows:

  • Mr I. Goddard: Acting HT/Deputy Headteacher
  • Mr. J. McClure: Deputy Headteacher
  • Mrs V. Underhay: Key Stage 2/Mathematics Leader
  • Miss V. Till: EYFS Lead
  • Miss L. Jones: Well-being/Attendance Officer

You will still see me in school over the course of the next 2 terms and I will be keeping up to date with all school matters. However, if you have any issues please speak to a member of staff or the leadership team- Mrs Trickett.

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Attendance Matters

Overall attendance for the Autumn Term was below target at 93.8%. I am please to say that this is now improving and I am certain we can work in partnership to ensure that this term it reaches our target of 96% (Mrs Trickett).

A massive well done to the following classes who achieved above target last week:

  • Morning Nursery: 99.1%
  • Class 1/2: 97.0%
  • Class 2: 100%
  • Class 3: 96.2%
  • Class 4: 99.3%
  • Class 6: 97.7%

This is absolutely fantastic- keep it up!

Weekly Attendance- Spring Term 1

  • Week 1: 95.2%
  • Week 2: 95.4%

Please remember, attendance at school greatly impacts on the progress and attainment children achieve. Being at school, on time, everyday is vital to support children to develop and progress. It ensures children don't miss learning and opportunities essential to their education. Please support us to ensure attendance is the best it can be so we can narrow the gap between actual attendance and target (Mrs Trickett).

REMEMBER: Greater Attendance = Greater Achievement!

Key Dates for the Diary (Spring Term):
  • Kick Start Healthy Days: 22nd & 24th January 2020
  • INSET Day: 14th February 2020
  • February Half Term: 17th-21st February 2020
  • Spring Term 2- Pupils should return to school on: Monday 24th February 2020
  • World Book Day: 6th March 2020
  • Easter Holidays: 6th- 17th April 2020

Our newly organised library

Our library has now been catalogued and organised so it is easier for children to access daily. The staff spent part of their twilight session completing it then children finished the job...

Young Voices 2020

Since September, our Young Voices choir have been working hard rehearsing for the big performance. We have learnt a wide genre of songs including a Pop Medley, a Queen Tribute, a Fright Fest mash up, and an African song, to name but a few.

Last Tuesday (7th January) we took 39 of our most dedicated singers to perform live as part of the largest school choir in the world in one of the biggest arenas in the UK. The children were incredible and a real credit to Milefield. They absolutely loved the show and are really excited for next year!

The concert took place at Sheffield’s Fly DSA Arena and the children were able to perform in the same venue where the likes of Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Take That, and many more have performed.

The concert is a fantastic opportunity for the children, and the shows are extremely entertaining. This year the special guests were Tony Hadley from the famous Spandau Ballet, The Shires a country duo and Ruti the winner of the 2018 season of The Voice UK.

We had a lot of support this year from parents who thoroughly enjoyed the concert and sang along and danced with the amazing Urban Strides street dance group.

Young Voices may be over for this year but our Young Voices choir have work to do, in preparation for another exciting singing opportunity, coming up later in the Spring.

Please see information below to find out what has been happening in your child's class so far this term...

Early Years Foundation Stage

We have started this term looking at aspirations- what do you want to be when you grow up? We have had lots of job roles, including: vets, fireman, baker, monster truck driver, life guard, ballerina, bus driver and so on. We had different jobs in the classroom we had to apply for, children showed lots of writing skills and amazed us with the progress they have made from starting in September. We started with mark making to now writing labels and sentences. We are very proud teachers!

We are continuing with aspirations as the children have become very passionate when talking about what they want to be and how they will achieve this through skills. We have a surprise furry visitor coming in next week! Have a think what this could be and which job role this is linked to?

Later on in this term, we are inspiring our future bakers and chefs further with….

We hope you’re all ready for some competition and rice crispy buns!
This term we have also started our ‘Read With Me’ morning session which is now every Friday. Our first one was very successful and it was great to see so many parents supporting and joining in reading to promote our love for reading at Milefield!

Year 1

In Literacy so far we have been reading The Odd Egg. This book has sparked a lot of interest and got children’s imaginations flowing with ideas. We have done lots of adjective work, character descriptions and fact writing about birds. Within this, we have integrated some PSHE about how people and things are different including, how people’s actions and words can make us feel.

In Maths we have been learning about place value, then we will be moving onto addition and subtraction.

In topic we are learning all about The Enchanted Forest. Within this we have only started to learn about life cycles and habitats. The children are hooked into our topic and we are loving teaching it! We look forward to what else we are going to be learning about!

In phonics we have been making our learning more active and collaborative. The children are really engaged in their learning!

Lastly, we have our KS1 corridor which has now been updated with some fantastic displays! We are showing off our learning in Maths, reading and recent trips!

Year 3 & 3/4


In Literacy, we will be reading a narrative entitled ‘ Cinderella and the Nile’. We will focus on writing a similar narrative. We will be focussing on extending sentences to add more detail for the reader. Following this, we will produce a non-chronological report about Egypt. It is also anticipated that the children will emphasise with the characters in the narrative and write persuasive letters. Following this, we will be looking at creating poetry based around the text.


In maths, the children will be learning about the value of digits in numbers. They will be using this knowledge to mentally add 10 more and 10 less to three digit numbers. They will also be focussing on recalling 100 more and less to any three digit number. The children will also be conducting their daily Times Table Rock Star calculations. Following this, the children will be learning addition and subtraction methods. They will be adding and subtracting three digit numbers to multiples of 10 and 100. Also, the children will add and subtract whereby there is crossing in the ones and tens. The children will apply these skills through 1 and 2 step word problems. In order to help your child, you could test regularly test them on their times tables and division recall.


In topic, the children will be exploring Ancient Egypt. They will use their map skills to locate Egypt and identify physical and human features. Following this, the children will make inferences about life in the past by analysing different image sources. The children will learn about how much the life of Egypt depended on the ‘River Nile’. They will also work as historians and investigate what we can find out about ancient Egypt by what has survived.


In science next half term, our topic will be ‘Rocks and Soils’. The children will learn to classify different rocks according to their properties as well as plan and conduct scientific investigations. Through this the children will plan a fair test by identifying the variable that needs to stay the same and the variables that need to be controlled.


In RE next half term our topic will be ‘Judaism’. The children will learn about different stories from the Torah. In particular, they will learn about the key figure Moses. They will listen and role play different stories about Moses as well as write their own narratives about Moses. The children will produce non chronological reports about Judaism and will focus on the beliefs, traditions, festivals and faith.


In PE the main focus will be dance. The children will perform routines with control and co-ordination. They will also link 2 or more actions together to form sequences. The children will also improvise with movement and they will express emotions through dance.


In art the children will use a variety of materials and processes to communicate ideas. In particular they will use art pencils to sketch different lines of thickness and will learn different shading techniques.

Year 4

We are really excited about our learning this half term. The new year started with a secret message written in hieroglyphics. The children were given information about what the symbols stood for. They worked really hard to decode the message, which said, 'I am back in Egypt. I am ready to tell my secret. Howard. The children made predictions about who Howard was and what the secret could be. Using further information sent by Howard we think we are beginning to uncover the secret. At first we thought Howard might have been involved in tomb raids but now we think he might have been the one to uncover Tutankhamun's tomb. We are looking forward to finding out secrets about King Tut, his life and what really happened to him. We have used some of the information sent to write non-chronological reports. We already had some knowledge of this from last term so it seemed like a good place to start our literacy and prove what we remember.

In curriculum we have begun to gather information and knowledge about Egypt. Our geography learning has allowed us to know about environmental regions around the world. We now know that Egypt is part of the continent Africa. We know it is hot there because it is closer to the equator and we know Egypt is mainly desert.

In RE we have begun to explore the Jewish faith. We know about the place they worship in and some of the things that are important to the people of this faith. We have started to listen to the story of Moses.

In science we have begun to explore rocks, and how they are formed. We sorted a selection of rocks based on their type, and whether they are sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic. We know that the pyramids were made of limestone which is a sedimentary rock. We discussed this as we thought they were made of sandstone.

In art we have explored Egypt by collating a selection of ideas to create a mood board as a basis for our drawings.

Year 5

This half term we will be continuing to look at the book ‘ The boy who walked between the towers’. In Maths we will be revisiting place value, addition and subtraction methods along with starting to apply multiplication and division strategies within multi step word problems. In topic we are moving on and starting to look at conservation. Linking to this, we will be looking at Henri Rousseau in Art and in Science life cycles and classification.

Year 6

In Literacy this term, we have begun to develop our very own horror narratives based on the fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm. We began by looking at the front cover of their fairy tales in LIRA sessions and then we have read a wide selection of these tales. We now who Jakob and Wilhelm were now and why they collected these tales. We have enjoyed learning about the bear, the sausage and the mouse as well as well-known tales such as Cinderella, Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) and Snow Drop (Snow White). Children have compared these tales to the stories they know and we have had to think back to fairy tales from our childhood such as Hansel and Gretel.

We are now piecing together our own horror story once we have studied some example versions of them. Children are excited to begin and we shall be sharing some final pieces on our class Twitter feed @Y6MFPS. Please follow us to find out more...

Next, we will study the book, Can We Save the Tiger? by Martin Jenkins and consider the impact humans are having on the world's wildlife.

In Maths, we have begun the term by revising key areas in place value, calculation and measure. Children have been practising skills learnt previously in Maths in a variety of contexts. We have also been showing Mr McClure what he has done wrong in arithmetic papers so we can deepen our understanding of calculations and how to handle these in test papers. We thoroughly enjoyed pointing out where he had gone wrong!

In Science, we have started to research the work and theories of Charles Darwin; he was a very interesting man with some exciting and interesting theories. We are now considering his theories whilst looking at our family trees and who we get our traits from. We have begun to research adaptation of animals and plants and natural selection.

In PSHE, we have started to think about transitions to high school and how we feel about this. We have started to plan how we could make ourselves feel more prepared and what we could do to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

In RE, we have begun to study the faith: Sikhism. We are beginning to look at the main aspects of this religion and what special artefacts are used in this faith.

In PE, we are starting to generate our own skills routines using apparatus. We are beginning to develop our own equipment courses to ensure we develop our strength, flexibility and balance. In our other PE session, we are practising the skills involved in well-known games and then changing some rules to make new games and make sure we understand what the most important aspects are of these games.

In Computing, we are practising the skills of how to control devices using input and output devices. We are using ipads to make a sprite move around the screen in Scratch Jr. and control what happens when it does. We will develop this through coding varied games and learning how control affects output.

Please continue to read daily with children; practise times tables, spellings and number facts too. If you are out shopping, ask children to total amounts, work out change and discounts etc. If you have read a good book/watched a good film, or a bad one, ask them to write a short review. Any work they complete outside of school can be sent in for Mr McClure to look at or shared on our Twitter feed: @Y6MFPS.

Year 2 SATs

With SATs approaching in May, we are very busy preparing children in school. The SATs examinations are a statutory in Year 2 and help teachers to measure your child’s performance and identify their needs as they move into Key Stage 2. They also allow teachers to see how your child is performing against national expected standards. We will use the results from these tests, along with the work your child has done throughout the year, to help us reach a judgement about how your child is progressing at the end of Key Stage 1. Results will be reported to you by the end of the summer term. The children will be completing test papers in English Reading, Mathematics and English grammar, punctuation and spelling (see below).

Here is a list of ways you can support your child and help them to prepare for such an important time in school:

  • Read with your child every day and speak to them about their understanding of what they have read e.g. what are the main events of the story? Who are the main characters? Why do you think they did that? How do you think they feel and why?
  • Complete any homework sent home, as this has been linked to objectives we are learning in school
  • Practice spelling homework every day at home
  • Ensure you child attends weekly Year 2 SATs club – this will be held every Thursday after school (please ensure you have signed and returned a permission to slip to your child’s class teacher)

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to speak to one of the KS1 team.


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