• Camryn-a young girl interested in forensic cases, must uncover a mystery of a young girls killing, but the mystery leads to more evidence of serial killings
  • Patrick Mahoney-Camryn's father, let her be his assistant, helps her uncover the murder mystery
  • Deputy Crowley-new deputy intown, interested in Camryn, kind of suspicious
  • Mammaw-Camryn's grandma, she doesn't want Camryn to be interested in forensics
  • Lyric-Camryn's close friend, she helps Camryn with the mystery
  • Adam-very suspicios kid for school, smokes and does drugs

Types of characters

  • Protagonist-Camryn
  • Antagonist-the murderer
  • Major Characters-Camryn, Deputy Crowley, Patrick Mahoney
  • Minor Characers-Lyric, Mammaw, Adam


The setting takes place in a small town in the state of California. Camryn talks about how in her state it gets really cold, but she loves it when the spring comes around. The particular spot in the story it is somewhat cold out, I assume its fall. She mentions how everyone is wearing jackets and the leaves start to fall. In conclusion since the town is small, it makes it easier to find the murderer.

personal review

  • When reading this book I thought the mystery was very interesting. The author builds up a suspense in the beginning of the book and it continues throughout the whole thing. Another thing I enjoyed was she didn't give away anything, she made you think, so you could figure it out. Overall I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in mystery books. It is a great read that you don't want to miss out on.
"It's a sad world we live in when a human being leaves so little of a mark that no one even realizes it when he's gone"


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