Ibstock Community College Newsletter - August 2019


Dear Parents, Carers, Students and Friends,

Welcome to all for the Autumn Term 2019!

It has been an extremely positive start to the school year at Ibstock Community College. Staff and students alike have settled in quickly, changes to our behaviour system and knowledge curriculum are being embedded therefore lots of learning is already taking place across the College.

Our Year 7, 8 and 9 form tutors are getting to know their tutor groups and are working hard to ensure that all students understand the high expectations of our new Respect standards. You can find more information on this on our website www.ibstockcollege.leics.sch.uk/more/rewards_sanctions

We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead!

You will be able to read more about our wide range of activities and opportunities in this and following newsletters during the year.

New Homework policy

An exciting new development of our teaching and learning here at Ibstock Community College will be the introduction of our new homework policy. Homework is a key part of college life. The Education Endowment Foundation estimates that effective and regular homework can add a further 5 months progress to a young person's education.

Knowledge Organisers and 20:20:20 homework

The 20:20:20 principle is simple and clear to follow for both students and parents/carers. All students will be expected to complete 1 hour of homework each week night. We expect that parents and carers will support their child to complete 20 minutes of reading, 20 minutes of additional maths and 20 minutes of revision from Knowledge Organisers which accompany every unit of work in Years 7 to 9. The Knowledge Organisers will be available from the college website for students and parents/carers to view.

Knowledge Organisers provide the learner with the key knowledge each students needs in order to make progress within a subject. This will support our commitment to providing your child with a powerful knowledge rich curriculum in all areas of their education at Ibstock Community College. Knowledge Organisers will help all students commit key subject information to long term memory allowing students to make greater progress in each academic area.

Student Planners

All students received a student planner last week. The student planners will support engagement with homework. Students will be expected to keep written notes of the work they have completed in their planners and this will be checked by form tutors every week.

For more information on homework expectations, to view the Autumn term schedule and access to all the Knowledge Organisers please visit the homework page of our website http://www.ibstockcollege.leics.sch.uk/homework

If you have any questions regarding 20:20:20 homework please contact James Mason, Assistant Principal, Teaching and Learning. j.mason@ibstockcollege.co.uk

Dressing for Success.

We would like to express our thanks to parents for your support in ensuring that students arrive in good time for college and are wearing their Ibstock uniform with pride. Overwhelmingly our students look incredibly smart.

As a college we are focused in delivering high quality education to all of our students. We believe that alongside the revised behaviour review, the introduction of the 20:20:20 homework and the development of the knowledge rich curriculum, the new uniform will further cement the high expectations we have of our students to help them to develop into well rounded young people.

Dressing for Success – Meeting the required standard

In order to meet the required standard, students are expected to wear our school uniform correctly, e.g. shirt tucked in, top button fastened, badge clearly visible and blazer sleeves rolled down.

Blazers MUST be worn in all lessons and around the college campus. In classrooms it will be down to the discretion of the classroom teacher to allow students to remove blazers during the lesson however they must be put on for movement between lessons

Furthermore, in meeting the expected standard for school uniform, students must conform to the following requirements:

  • Hairstyles which are considered extreme in any way are NOT acceptable e.g. shaved heads, unnatural or two-tone colours
  • Hair extensions and hair pieces are NOT allowed
  • The use of make-up is NOT acceptable – students wearing makeup which is plainly visible will be expected to remove it including excessive eyebrows, false eyelashes or fake tan
  • Nail varnish and the wearing of false nails is NOT allowed
  • Only the piercings stated below are allowed, i.e. one pair of stud earrings worn on the ear lobe. Piercings of the tongue, nose, tragus and body are NOT allowed
  • With regards to jewellery and personal items, students are allowed to wear a watch, and one pair of stud earrings. No other jewellery, piercings or personal items are permitted. For Health & Safety reasons, the wearing of jewellery or personal items is NOT allowed during PE lessons.

For more information please visit; http://www.ibstockcollege.leics.sch.uk/uniform-information

Being prepared for learning

Pencil case, equipment, planner

It is essential that all students are prepared and equipped for the learning in all subjects. Obviously being organised about bringing PE kit is part of getting the most out of PE lessons. Similarly, in all classroom based lessons students are expected to start the lesson having their pencil case and planner ready on their desk.

Please check that your child has a full set of essential equipment in a pencil case every day so that they will have everything they need for their lessons. To keep our standards high, we will continue to check punctuality, equipment and uniform regularly, in morning registration, all lessons and assemblies.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not allowed on school site. This includes before and after school, waiting for the bus and on the bus until it leaves the school site.

However I am sure many students do bring mobile phones into school, but these are kept in their bags and switched off and are only used in emergencies. Because of this respect for school rules, the phone are never seen or heard and there is no issue. I am also aware that many parents feel reassured by the fact that their child has a means of contacting them in an emergency on their way to or from school. We do not expect students to contact parents during the school day using their mobile phone (in the case of illness, for example). Systems and procedures are in place at the school to cater for any incident occurring during school hours.

I must also mention that if a mobile phone is brought into school and is damaged, lost or stolen then the school accepts no responsibility whatsoever.

We have seen an increase in the use of mobile phones, including listening to music, during break and lunch. This is a breach of the schools rules, as stated above, and therefore phones will be confiscated and returned at the end of the school day. For a second offence, the phone will be confiscated until the end of the school day and a lunchtime detention will be issued. For further repeat offences the phone will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day and an after-school detention will be issued.

Thanking you in anticipation of you support and understanding.

Music lessons and concerts

We are fortunate to work with a range of music teachers at Ibstock Community College with different lessons taking part everyday;

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday – Voice

Monday & Thursday – Piano and Strings

Monday - Brass

Tuesday – Drums

Thursday – Guitar

Friday – Woodwind

If your child would like to enroll on a lesson or for more information please contact Mrs Allen a.allen@ibstockcollege.co.uk

Concerts taking place this academic year;

Christmas concert - Thursday 5 December

Woodwind concert - Friday 6 December

Soiree - Thursday 5 March

Summer concert - Thursday 18 June

Breakfast Club

Free toast, milk and water is available for all students every morning in the hall from 8am until 8.35am. We believe it is important all students have something for breakfast before a successful day of learning. There is no need to book, just turn up.


Please ensure your child has sufficient balance on their ParentPay account in order for them to purchase food and drink during morning break and lunchtime. We are not able to loan students money for food. If you have not received a ParentPay password please contact icc.admin@ibstockcollege.co.uk

If you feel you may be entitled to free school meals please visit https://www.gov.uk/apply-free-school-meals

A free school meal allowance is £2.45 a day which can be spent during morning break or lunchtime.


Insight will give you easy access to personalised information for your child's life at Ibstock Community College. This includes attendance, achievement points, behaviour, parents’ evening information and much more. You will be able to find student assessment information here as well as their annual report.

Parent Lite

Update information such as medical details, dietary needs and contact information with SIMS Parent Lite. In a move to improve home-school communication, we are adopting a more paperless approach to contacting parents and carers.

Please ensure you have activated your account and update your child's information as required. If you have not received an activation email please contact icc.admin@ibstockcollege.co.uk

Upcoming dates

Open Evening - Thursday 19 September.

Y7 Tutor Evening - Thursday 10 October

October half term begins Friday 11 October

For further dates and information please visit http://www.ibstockcollege.leics.sch.uk/content/calendar.php

Contacting the college

Tel: 01530 260705

Email: icc.admin@ibstockcollege.co.uk

Website: www.ibstockcollege.co.uk

Medical Conditions

Individual Health Care Plans - if you child has an IHCP please notify us of any changes so we remain up-to-date with your child's medical needs. Likewise, if your child has been diagnosed with a new medical condition, they may need an IHCP putting in place.


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