8 Psychological Tricks Everyone needs to know

Life is not always easy. Even with perseverance and confidence, you may fail at times. You may find it difficult to cope with your colleagues. Sometimes, you may face tough tihmes in your personal life. But there is no need to panic. Today, there is no dearth of self-help tips to save you from these hard times. Mastering a few psychological tricks would help you make life easier.

1. When People Don’t Take You Seriously

This is the worst thing that could happen to you. Even when you tell your friends the most important matters, they may not take you seriously. Wondering how to handle this? Next time, when you tell them something, give the credit to youkr parents. Make it sound like your father and mother taught you about it. There is a natural tendency among people to believe the advice that comes from parents.2. When You Know Your Colleague Is Against You…

2. When You Know Your Colleague Is Against You

You get hints when a colleague plans a move against you. If you know someone has decided to point a finger at you in a meeting, make this smart move – deliberately sit right next to him. They will feel uncomfortable to launch a scathing attack against you because of this proximity.

3. When You Want To Learn New Things

We all know that sharing is caring. Apart from that, it also helps you learn new things. Yes, the best way to acquire a new skill is to share it with others. Get a hold of someone, (of course, someone with listening skills) teach them what you have learned. You will never forget it.

4. When You Want Others To Agree With You

Making people agree to your argument is not easy. But, try this. Nod your head while you talk. As you nod, it gives them the impression that you are genuine. And they will also nod back. This is enough to make you confident.

5. When Someone Gets Angry At You

Stay calm. Well, that is an arduous job. However, it has great advantages. Your silence may make the situation worse for some time. But, ultimately you are the winner as they feel ashamed of themselves later.

6. When You Want To Prove Yourself As A Good Listener

Being a good listener is very crucial to maintain a relationship. Others will appreciate it and it is a time–tested tactic, and an easy way to make friends. So, how do you give that impression? Of course, the first step is listening to them. And then, use those highlights from their talk when you make your point. Paraphrase their statement to show that you heard what they said.

7. When You Are Not Sure Of What You Are Doing

Embrace and portray confidence. There is not much difference between confidence and brilliance. Believe in yourself and act like you know what you are doing.

8. When You Feel Someone Is Watching You

You may often feel that you are being watched by someone in the crowd. Next time, take a big yawn. Watch to see who follows suit. The person watching you will likely yawn as well. Because a yawn usually sets off a chain reaction since they’re contagious.

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