Epi-N is an application that enables those with allergies to receive the help they need to survive an allergic episode.

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Meet the Beacon.

Home Screen of App

The Beacon allows any user to have easy access to the help they need.


When pressed, the Beacon notifies 911, emergency contacts, and nearby users (the Grid) that you are having a medical emergency. Emergency contacts and Grid notifications are optional for users and can be opted-out of at any time.

What is the Grid?

The Grid is made up of all nearby app users. When you opt-in to the grid feature you will send out and receive help beacons from users around you. These users will be people who are having a life threatening event are in nearby proximity and can use the pen you carry.

Will I be asked to supply a pen that is a different dosage than mine?

When you use the Grid, you will only be notifying and receiving notifications from people who use the same dosage pen as you.

What if I forget my pen and I get a notification?

If you forget to carry your pen and receive a notification, simply press the ignore button and you will not be connected with the individual in need. Users in need are only able to share location with individuals that choose to respond to the crisis.

How do I know if the Grid will work?

The Grid also has a non-emergency page. On this page you will be able to see all users nearby that are registered as having the same pen dosage as you. Users can choose to display a user name or an anonymous user number.

Grid user page

What if no one responds?

If no one is available to respond, don't worry, help is still on the way. As soon as the Beacon is pressed, emergency response and emergency contacts are notified instantly, and given your location and reason for crisis.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Epi-N.


Epi-N empowers Epinephrine users to help save other’s lives through the use of our applications because it is the first and only comprehensive, emergency ready, Epinephrine companion app that allows for its users to feel safer in the event of an allergic reaction.

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