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Near the end of the 19th century, more houses got water and sewer pipes. In addition, they got gas pipes which were used for light. Later on, around 1880, the gas pipes were used to provide the gas for the first gas stoves. This is an image of a gas stove.
Many houses in the 19th century were small. Therefore, "the kitchen was often used for living and sleeping, and also as a bathroom." Kitchens were always the warmest room because the stove or other heating appliances were often on. As you can see, in the image there's a crib for the younger child, where she sleeps at night.

The set up of kitchens in Victorian, or 1880 houses, are different in many ways from the ones we use today. One way it's different is the setup or outline of each kitchen.

This is an example of our modern day kitchen. The middle of the kitchen is more open, with kitchen appliances lining the sides. The side surfaces are where families do their cooking.
This is an example of a 19th century kitchen, it's the exact opposite. The work surfaces are in the middle of the room. Although most kitchen appliances are on the side of the room, workers still prepare their meals in the middle on the surface.
Many of the families have their wives or daughters do all the cooking. The women cook the meals, set the table, and clean the dishes, while the men are out hunting or chopping wood. In this image you can see that every girl in that family is helping out by making some type of food.
Upper class kitchens, servants only, eventually got water pumps, sinks, drains, and occasionally water on tap. Sinks were less common, and you started to see them much more after piped water was used. In this image you can see a pipe of some kind attached to the back of the wall, right over heat appliances, such as a gas stove.

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I researched this to help me get a better understanding of, The Land, by Mildred D. Taylor, when I start to read it.

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