Climate Change By: Edward Cavanaugh

What does trump think? Dolanald Trump believes that humans have some connectivity between humans and the climate. Trump doesn't believe the scientific evidence that we have on climate change.

What does Trump's cabinet nominees for each of the departments overseeing your area have to say? Trump's nominee Scott Pruitt believes that all of the talk about global warming is not just a hoax but it is real. Pruitt believes that the EPA should handle the water quality and the air quality and inner- state problems.

What do you think will be the impact of the new administration on your chosen area? I believe that the impact of the new administration on my chosen area will be very dangerous because both Obamas administration and Trumps administration believe in climate change so we should be worried

What changes do you think will happen? I believe that climate change will cause temperatures to a lot more than they did over the past centuries. Since the climate will rise I believe a lot more people will suffer from the heat and the snow from glaciers will melt and cause some cities that are around oceans to have floods. I also feel that we will lose a good amount of fresh water because the waters will mix together after climate change.

Created By
Edward Cavanaugh


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