Online school Should students be allowed to go to school over the internet?

Students should be allowed to go to school over the Internet.

Why should students be allowed to go to school over the Internet???
Every parent wants their kids to go to a good college, but the truth is students don't have a lot of time to work or study in public school. Online school is a great place to study, relax, and help students.
More Time to Study
Students have more time to study in online school then in normal school, but why? Students can manage their own schedules, because they don’t have to drive through traffic everyday--they can study whenever and wherever they want--even in school. In a typical classroom, if one student does not understand something, she’ll take up a lot of class time asking the teacher questions. If another student already knows the answer, then listening to the teacher explain, it is wasting his/her time. However, in online school, those things will never happen. The questions that the student got correct are able to be skipped, and the student can spend their time solving the questions they don't know. Some parents think their kids should collaborate and solve questions with other people, like their friends, but this concern is also solved by online learning. In online school, they have the option of studying alone, or with their classmates, whichever one makes them work better.
More Options for Classes

In addition, online schools offer students more class options, because they have a lot of more options that they can choose. In public school, students only have one to three electives, some schools students just have one elective, and in six grade students do get one elective, and they have to choose from Choir, Band, and Orchestra, it’s not even really a true electives, but in online school, they can choose any number of classes they want. Students can even choose multiple classes for one subject. For example, they can take 6th grade math and 7th grade math at the same time. Online classes give students the opportunity of taking unusual courses as well as fundamental courses, and 60% of online classes are also offered as regular classes as public school do, so parents don't need to worry about their children not learning the same classes they would in normal school.

More comfortable

Online schools are more comfortable. Students don’t have to dress up, leading to a more comfortable learning environment, because a stressed learning environment causes students to not live up to their full academic or creative potential. They can wear pajamas, or other outfits they can’t wear at school.

Also, students don’t need to wake up early for school if they are feeling tired.

School desks require students to sit in one position for hours at a time. This leads to uncomfortableness as students need to move constantly--to stretch or walk around, etc… but online students can walk around the neighborhood or go to the park have the online courses, this way their brain can have more relax, then they’ll learning things faster.Students can manage and reach their goals, and quickly move on to their next goal. This way, students will become more efficient.

Some people think a computer screen is not like a real teacher, but in online school, the teacher can teach the students face-to-face. In some online courses, the teacher teaching students just like in public school, and one by one tutoring, and the only difference is they are using a computer, and the student can just ask the teacher questions they don’t know.

People also think online students miss out on a school social life, like clubs, sports...but this is not true. Online students will have more time to do sports, because they can do the sports whenever they want. Since students who go to normal school get off at about 4:00-5:00 p.m, they only have 5 hours (including dinner time), to do their homework and play sports before they go to bed. Online students have all day to do sports. Also, some parent think the most of the sports team, electives are come from school, so the online student will have no teams, but the most sports players are not only play at school, they are playing outside too, so online students will have team too.

Lastly, online school can help students learn more. Online school can allow students to be excited about learning, because it’s the best way to study. Online school lets students have more time to learn, more time to relax, more options to choose for classes, and a more comfortable place. Online school is truly a benefit in many ways.

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