Badiana Dorval W4 Steve McCurry

Examples of Steve's photographic work


Steve McCurry was educated and trained as photographer. He went to study film and cinematography at Penn State University. Steve started to work for the college newspaper, where he developed a real passion for still photography. After college he looked for a job as a filmmaker and ended up getting a job at a newspaper as a photographer.

Steve McCurry is famous for his "Afghan Girl". Awards that McCurry have won were:

  • World Press Photo Award for General News
  • World Press Photo Award for Daily Life
  • World Press Photo Award for Nature
  • World Press Photo Children's Award

Steve's freelance photography career started in India in 1978. After he worked there for a year, Steve went to northern Pakistan. Steve started working for Time for several months in Afghanistan.


Steve is now working for National Geographic. He has been working on a book on Angkor Wat. He plans to expand it into a book about the site, the temples and the surrounding villages. Steve also plans on returning to Afghanistan to right a book about his stories.


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