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Instructional Practices

During Read Across America week, 3rd graders became detectives and had to solve a Seuss themed mystery. Students first reviewed the components of a mystery. Then they observed a crime scene and took notes and drew pictures. Next, they analyzed the alibis of the suspects. Using what they learned, they drew a conclusion about who they believe did “it”. Before the culprit was revealed students had the opportunity to debate their reasoning with one another.

Third graders took a concept through the entire democratic process. Beginning with an idea and following it through to being passed as a law, using the school community as a model of the government. Legislative Branch: Senate/House (students) Judicial Branch: 3rd Grade Teachers Executive Branch: Dr. Shannon and Mrs. Buckman

Student-Led Conferences

Third graders presented a “day in the life” to their parents and guests at student led conferences last month. The evening was filled with parents and students discussing and completing learning activities that students did during 3rd quarter. The parents had their own special assignment too. Students recorded their parent telling all of the fabulous things they learned over the course of the evening and posted it to their SeeSaw portfolio.

Technology Support and Enhancement

Working Together To Create Learning Opportunities
Examples of TEACHER and COACH work during a Coaching Cycle

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Why do you teach?

"I love the responsibility and having a say what the future looks like for our kids. My hope is that my impact and my being me helps to impact their future!" -Sarah Green

"I'm driven by a passion to serve. To foster a love of learning and creating. It excites me to know that I'm impacting lives that impact our future" -Ashley Duvall

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