Chapter 1 God, I Guess Tattoos on the Heart

This chapter is about God and how they believe in him. My favorite story from this chapter is when 60 minutes came in 1990 and did an interview. It showed people will do things differently when they are told to. And when they are asked if father Gregory would turn them in and they said God, I guess which is amazing. This story is showing how much they trust in God and father Gregory, which I think is so great.

Chapter 4 Water, Oil, Flame: This chapter is about people being blessed, it's beautiful and great.

My favorite storie from this chapter is the one where Gregory goes to the juvinel hall and he baptised this kid and after he tears up and looks him in his eyes and he says clockwise. This is so powerful and shows that people can change when around good people.

Chapter 7 Gladness: This chapter to me is about being happy and having happy endings.

My favorite story is is about Moreno when Gregory asks him about going back to school and he asks him what is favorite subject and he says he doesn't have one so he starts naming subjects off and he finally says Biology. When he says that it shows our joy and happiness and it's a great storie of someone growing to love something they never would've if they didn't have someone kind to show them to it.
The End

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