Arizona Kara Brabb

You can visit the Sedona Mountains for a world famous Pink Jeep tour. I recommend the Broken Arrow tour, which costs $110 per adult and $99 per child. This ride lasts about 2 hours and consists of a tour guide, 360 views of the stunning wilderness, and a thrilling, fun, and memorable experience for everyone.

I highly suggest you visit the Grand Canyon National Park while in Arizona. There are many places to stay at the Grand Canyon. There is lodging on the grounds, however it is booked well in advanced. Also there are camp grounds where you can set up tents and cook meals over the campfire. Lastly my personal favorite way to stay at the Grand Canyon is to tow a camper up to the camper grounds and stay on the rim of the Grand Canyon.

While at the Grand Canyon there are many activities to do. First you can obviously hike the rim of the Grand Canyon. There is restaurant along the rim, and many souvenir shops. There are many different trails you can walk in the grand canyon as well. you can walk along the rim or you can head down the Canyon. Warning: Do NOT attempt to hike all the way down the canyon and back up in one day. Thousands of people die trying to do this every year, due to inefficient water supply or exhaustion. There is a hotel at the bottom of the canyon where you can stay the night and hike back up the next day. Also you can ride donkeys down the canyon.

Also in Arizona you can visit the Montezuma Castle National Park. This park protects a set of well preserved cliff dwellings. The dwellings were built and lived in by the Sinagua people. This monument is roughly 800 years old and it still in great condition. It only costs $10 per person, and is a fun trip for the whole family.

Another fun activity for the whole family or even just a couple is horseback riding. Riding through the desert on horseback is an experience you can't pass up.

I recommend you go to the Spur Cross Stables to go horseback riding. There are 3 ride options: the guided trail ride, the sunset ride, and the trail blazer ride. the guided trail ride and the sunset ride last 1-2 hours, and the trail blazer rides last 3-4 hours.

Lastly a must do activity is visit the Meteor Crater. This is the best preserved meteor impact site in the world. This crater is a result of a meteor traveling approximately 26000 mph.. The crater is roughly 2.4 miles in circumference and more than 550 feet deep. The park includes many spots to look from, air conditioned viewing rooms, a guided tour of the rim, gift shops, a movie theater playing the movie "IMPACT", and an interactive discovery center. Prices: Adults $18.00 • Seniors $16.00 (age 60 years and over) • Juniors $9.00 (age 6 through 17 years) • 5 and under are free • Non-Active Duty U.S Military/Veterans (with I.D.) $9.00 • U.S. Military Youth (age 6-17) $5.00 • Active U.S. Military (with I.D.) FREE ( view website for family deals).


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