Evelyn '21

"I'm taking courses that I feel will help me do what I want in the future."

The academic program at Albuquerque Academy is at the heart of our school, and the school’s mission is lived out daily in the wide array of rich learning experiences we offer students. Whether they are participating in Model UN, coding in AP statistics, contrasting the philosophies of Zen Buddhism with those of western thinkers, or critiquing a portfolio of self-portraits, we aim to nurture children’s natural passion for learning and to instill habits of life-long curiosity and reflection.

Additionally, the Academy offers 25 Advanced Placement courses to allow colleges to compare our students with their peers across the country, as well as to provide students a way to earn credit or advanced placement in college.

Evelyn '21 has confidence that the solid academic foundation she has built at the Academy will serve her well in the future. As a junior, she has followed a science path that will help her pursue her college and career dreams.

"We have a great science foundation, which means I got to take chemistry, AP Bio, and AP Phys," reflects Evelyn. "I feel like that will help me get a strong basis for when I start college."