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Well, today was pretty crazy. I'd say today is gunna change our lives forever. Today Juliet found her first love. Juliet found Romeo at our party tonight. Romeo came up to Juliet and it was love at first sight. At this age I am very proud of her. But what I am afraid of is the fact that her love is Romeo, a Montague. I feel nervous for Juliet that this can be much trouble for her and Romeo. This is very shocking news, but is what must happen. I will attempt to make this work for Juliet. It is my job to protect her and be there for what she wants. If she knows she is in love, I will help her to the best of my ability. I must meet Romeo then, to see if I will approve. He may be good looking, but I am not sure whether or not he is a right fit for Juliet. I'm not sure yet if I should tell Juliet's parents to protect her. It is my job to protect her due to the fact I am her mother figure. Juliet said to me, " My only love, sprung from my only hate!". I'm ready to face the challenges for my Juliet.

Today I finally got to meet Juliet's love, Romeo. Romeo was, different. Don't get me wrong, Romeo was very nice, but I don't like his friends. They were very rude to me. Especially that Mercutio. But besides that, I think that Romeo is a good fit for my Juliet. We had a very good talk and I was very excited to talk to him about the marriage. We talked for a little bit and then he said he will marry my Juliet. I've never been more proud in my life for her. This is very sudden and unexpected. I always dreamed of a day that she would get married and soon she will be. Oh my I am so excited! I still don't understand why Peter wouldn't stand up for me today. That has me still a bit angered, but i know if Mercutio actually started something he would've been there for me in an instant. I'm getting off topic now, sorry. I hope that Romeo and Juliet can make this marriage work somehow. It make take a miracle, but I know they can. They will make each other eternally happy and love each other eternally. I know it. Romeo seems very lovey-dovey. Juliet on the other hand plays hard to get. It is perfect. I know this will work out. I know it. I'm so happy for my little girl.

Later during the day, I was to inform Juliet of the good news. When I told her she was more than excited. I acted as if I was sick and if the news was bad, although it wasn't. I acted this way to see if Juliet would change her mind about Romeo. She was very quick to ask Romeo to marry her. She just met him. This makes me question all of what is going to happen, but I trust Juliet enough to make the right decision. I told her the plan when and how they will get married. The Friar is going to meet them at his cell and marry them during the night. I don't like the fact that they must get married at night, but it is what must happen because they love each other. I'm also a little worried that the Friar agreed to marry them without their parents consent to let them marry. I think the Friar is up to something. It way be that he is trying to end the feud or just because. If it is to end the feud, I feel that it could work, but we cannot let them families know about it right away. This could cause major issues for everyone around here if we let people know now. Nobody would know how to respond to it. I'm also scared to see how both families would react to it, especially Lord Capulet. I think that he would scold her so harshly. He wouldn't even consider her his daughter after he finds out what she has done. Therefore I will not say.

There is some heartbreaking news today. Tybalt has been slain. He was the best friend I ever had. I am still in shock of what happened. Especially who slain he, that Romeo. I thought that he was a very good man. I cannot believe this. Oh my! Oh my! I cannot even bear to talk about it. It was my Juliet's husband who killed Tybalt. I don't know if Romeo is still a good fit for my Juliet. I am starting to think differently about this Romeo. Maybe since Romeo is now banished, maybe Juliet will marry County Paris. He is a great looking man and person. He also isn't a Montague. Juliet can be happy not living in secret and can be with Paris at anytime! Oh this all sounds great, but Juliet will not change her mind. I shouldn't tell her for her own well being. This all makes me feel enraged and sad. I don't know what to do. I don't want to even think about the fact that Romeo slain Tybalt. Oh Tybalt! My Tybalt! Oh this was so hard to break the news to Juliet. Especially letting her know it was her husband. Juliet reacted differently than I thought she would, she would not speak bad of her husband even though he did something terrible. I know she cannot speak bad of him, but Tybalt has been family forever and will always be.

Today is the worst day of my life. The worst. Juliet has.. has died. I can't bear talking about it at all. My little girl has passed. I remember her when she was just a little girl. She always used to be by my side. Now, she is no longer. Today was supposed to be the happiest day of her and our lives, but that completely switched around. Everything was going great. I thought she was going to marry the perfect guy instead of Romeo. I knew it was not right at the time to tell her to marry Paris, but finally after i did she took my advice. I still cannot believe all of this. It doesn't feel right nor will it ever. My life will never be the same along with the rest of our lives. I miss my Juliet already. Now what will my role be anymore? I do not know. It was always my job to take care of her every since she was born. Now i have myself to take care of and that's it. I want my Juliet. She was supposed to live in happiness forever with Paris and now she cannot. I wonder how bad Paris feels. He has been waiting for this day for a long time. Oh My! I feel so bad for so many reasons. This never should have happened. Not to my Juliet. No! It can't be! She was destined to carry on the family name. Now she can't. There is no one else to either. I have so many worries right now. I need to sit, think, and relax. I need to take in what is happening. This never should have happened, not to Juliet.


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