French Revolution By. Vanitty hout

What caused the French Revolution? There were many causes of the French Revolution, the overall reason was because of the nations debt and the inequality among lower class people. The clergy and nobility declined revenue and that firmed them to start paying taxes. The commoners did not like this decision which resulted in the rise of food prices. With the nations debt this caused the price of everything to increase to make up for the unpaid taxes. People of the nation were refusing to pay taxes because of the already poor nation. The enlightenment philosophies that explained the equal rights of all people, encouraged the commoners to form their own legislative body. This gained support from the people of the poor who were uprisen about the Kings decision to ride the price of foods. With the commoners starting to gain the trust of the poor, this started problems as the king realized the effects they knew thoughts of the commoners were bringing. Overall the Revolution was not successful, after control was taken over by Napoleon Bonaparte, things seemed to be going well until challenges arose. They never were able to fully establish a constitutional monarch or even a representative government for France. The success of the whole Revolution was just the spread of enlightenment ideas beyond France.

Napoleon Bonaparte can be seen as a villain overall rather than a true hero. As he first took over, his plans were to simply gain power and respect as fast as he could. He sacrificed many lives for the victories, but those victories came with little reward for the Revolution itself. Over the years of 1803-1815, there was a total of 371,000 casualties under Napoleon being the leader. There was some things left that he did well, including overtaking countries and nations to spread ideas to others.

Reaction to Napoleon and his overtaking. The French Revolution caused much much concern to other countries. Nations in Europe to be specific. As France was without a king no one knew what they were capable of doing. With Napoleon as the new ruler of countries saw him as unpredictable and crazy. There was fear amongst countries as if they were to oppose the Revolution this would cause their own people of revolt and the same thing would happen. Austria decided to declare war on France instead of staying neutral. Everyone knew that Napoleon was smart and would do anything to control more of Europe and get his power to increase.

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